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Student Testimonials

Learn more about the training students in your community have received and how it helped them advance in their workfield or find a new career path.

JobTrak PA Success Stories

Using fast and affordable retraining to help individuals regain employment in today’s high-demand industries, CCBC is preparing workers for jobs in the energy field as well as the emerging natural gas industry. Learn more about the training opportunites and how they helped our previous students find a career in an emerging field! 

To learn more about these programs, contact Hugh Gallagher at 724-480-3567. 

Jeff Mannion - Welder's Training image

 Jeffrey Mannion

Welder’s Training, summer 2013

Current employer: Steamfitters Local Union 449

Job responsibilities include: Welding, pipefitting, fabricating pipes, fitting pipes, reading and drafting blueprints

“I was working in restaurants and other dead-end jobs when I found out about the welding program at CCBC through the PA CareerLink Beaver County office. I had no experience with welding but after taking some tests and talking with Hugh Gallagher [Career Coach at CCBC], I found out that I qualified for the grant funding for the program. My instructor was very knowledgeable in the field due to his actual experience working as a welder. A couple months after completing the program at CCBC, I had an apprenticeship with the Steamfitters Union and went through their accelerated program, where I did even more welding. My career now versus what I was doing before is a night and day scenario. I adore what I’m doing now and I don’t see myself doing anything else. I recommend the program to anyone else who needs a change. If you take it seriously and give it 100 percent, you can really make a future for yourself.” 



Daniel Brazen - Industrial Maintenance Technician image


 Daniel Brazen

Industrial Maintenance Technician Program

Current career: Flowback Operator

“After spending years as a Corporate Banker and being laid off, I decided to take a look at the current job market to find a career that could support me for the next 15 years. I looked at who was hiring, the job openings and the salaries. I found out that either the companies were not offering a comparable salary to what I previously made or I’d have to relocate to find a job. At that point, I saw what jobs were available and decided to explore options in the oil and gas industry. I had a lot of great, useful soft skills but I did not have the hard skills or an industrial background. I found that a lot of these companies either usually hire people with experience or promote from within. I found out about the Industrial Maintenance program at CCBC and talked to Hugh Gallagher [Career Coach at CCBC], and a contact at a local company to see if the program matched with the job skills that they seeked in their employees. The courses were perfect for teaching the hands-on, technical skills that I needed, including hydraulics, monitors, valves and meters. My instructor brought real-world experience to the classroom so he could teach the course and give examples based on his own experiences. In addition, the class went to NOVA Chemicals for a plant tour and for the first time, I saw how a plant actually operated and how it related to what we covered in class. I use the skills I learned at CCBC every day in my current job. I am very thankful for the program at CCBC.”