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Who's Who at the Library

Most frequent questions from students:

Who can help me with...

... obtaining a library card?  Customer service staff 724-480-3442
... finding books on a certain topic?   Leila Mandel, library staff 724-480-3427
... using the Library's online catalog and research databases?  Leila Mandel, library staff 724-480-3427
... paying overdue fines?  Angela Pope, library staff 724-480-3409
... library hours?  Posted at library entrance and
 on Web page; library staff
... computer questions?  Patricia Smith, Angela Pope, Leila Mandel, customer service staff 724-480-3442
... resetting my computer logon and password?  IT staff/Helpdesk (ADC building) 724-480-3399
... scanner questions?  Leila Mandel 724-480-3427
... finding periodical articles?  Leila Mandel, Patricia Smith  Angela Pope, library staff 724-480-3427
... interlibrary loan (requesting books or articles
from other libraries)
 Angela Pope, library staff 724-480-3409
...obtaining items placed on reserve for your
 Patricia Smith, library staff 724-480-3408
... donating books to the Library in
someone's memory?
 Patricia Smith 724-480-3408
... writing papers, reviewing course content, help
with assignments?
 Tutors 724-480-3438
... take the placement test?  Mary Phillips (room 202) 724-480-3425
... locating best sources for an assignment?  Leila Mandel 724-480-3427
... reserving a group study room?  Angela Pope, library staff 724-480-3409
... take the GED test?  Hope Fuller (room 211) 724-480-3434
... My CompLab, My MathLab?  Debbie Winkle, tutors (room
... KEYS program?  Thelma Laurain, Nancy Barto, Barbara Naccarato (room 221) 724-480-3430
... taking a makeup test?  Supportive Services staff 724-480-3502
... services for students with special needs?  Liz Marshall or Supportive Services staff
 (room 206)