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Getting Help

If a person ever feels that they have experienced any type of sexual violence it is important that they report it to someone immediately. Here are people who can help both on-campus and off:


Campus Security

At CCBC, the campus security officers can be found in the Campus Security Office located in the Student Services Building. A person would want to report immediately if the incident happened on campus. They are also available to speak with a student if the incident took place off campus. In both situations, the campus security would remain with the student and contact the local community police department.

Dial the emergency number at 724-480-3555 or you can access the Security Office by pushing the button located on the security boxes throughout the campus and in each classroom. By pushing the red button on the emergency both Campus Security and 911 will be called.

If any type of PFA is in place already, or is put in place, please let Campus Security know. They can talk with you about how a safety plan for on campus can be established for a student. Campus Security is also available to escort any students to their cars after classes if at any point they feel unsafe walking alone.

Call 911 directly if the incident does not occur on campus.


Counselors are available on the CCBC campus. They are located in the Counseling Services Area in the Student Services Center. A counselor can talk to you about a personal experience that you may have had or help you get information for a friend who has experienced sexual violence. A counselor can also help in the process of reporting any incident that has occurred.

When you arrive at the Counseling Office please let the secretary know that you need to speak with a counselor concerning a personal issue. You do not have to disclose the issue at that time. Upon meeting with the counselor, you can disclose what has occurred. Students' interactions with counselors are confidential. Please note that a counselor has responsibility to report to proper authority if persons disclose that they are going to hurt themselves or they plan on hurting another person.

Counseling Office Contact:


Daily (Monday-Friday from 8 am-4:30pm)

Evenings (Monday-Thursday 4:30-7pm)

Community Resources

Women’s Center of Beaver County

The Women’s Center offers services for a person who has experienced any type of domestic or sexual violence.

Some of the services that they offer include:

  • Shelter and Transitional housing
  • Programs for children
  • Counseling programs
  • Education and Training programs
  • Advocacy- Legal and Medical

They also offer a 24-hour helpline that can provide crisis intervention, phone counseling, safety planning and information and referrals. All calls made are completely confidential. Call 724-775-0131 or toll free 1-877-629-1841. Brochures for the Women’s Center are available in the Counseling office on the CCBC campus.