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Culinary Arts Uniform Purchases

Students enrolled in CCBC's Culinary Arts program are required to purchase an approved uniform from Best Buy Uniforms in Homestead, PA.

For current pricing, call Best Buy at the phone number listed below and select the "Customer Service" option from the voice menu or visit their website at Be sure to check their current return policy for return information and shipping costs. To avoid shipping (usually within 1 week of order), you can go directly to Best Buy to purchase your uniform.

Best Buy Uniforms

500 E. 8th Ave.

Homestead, PA 15120-1904

1-800-345-1924 or 412-461-4600

Students are to report in complete uniform the first day of classes unless otherwise notified. Approved uniforms include the following:

Chef Coat

#203B, White*

*Purchase at least two chef coats. Do not have them embroidered and plan on wearing them for class ONLY.


#953B, Black (twill baggy pant) OR

#522DC, Black (men's pant traditional) OR

#PT55, Black (lady's pant traditional)*

*Students may not purchase cargo pants.


#BBC, Black (Beanie)

#6705, Black(traditional chef's hat)*

*You may purchase either style hat, but keep in mind that long hair must fit completely under the hat.


Students are required to wear black leather, close-toed, low-heeled, non-skid shoes with socks to class. Crocs and Keds are not permitted. Black leather tennis shoes are acceptable if worn for class purposes only and if they have a non-skid sole.

For sanitary purposes, shoes should only be worn in Culinary Arts classes. It is a state law that socks are worn in the kitchen.

Shoes can be purchased from any store that sells work shoes.

Jewelry, Artificial Nails, etc.

All jewelry including rings, large earrings, and bracelets must be removed for class. There is no secure area for these items, therefore; it is suggested that all jewelry is left at home before coming to class.

Artificial nails are a safety and sanitation hazard and cannot be worn in class.

Facial hair must be short and well-groomed.