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Sexual Violence Prevention and Awareness

The CCBC campus community has a stake in preventing sexual violence and all members have a valuable role to play. With our commitment to a primary prevention approach to contest sexual violence, we intend to help create environments that promote respect, equality, civility, and healthy relationships.  Ultimately, we strive to maintain a campus environment where students are safe and learning successfully.

CCBC recognizes sexual violence as a public health issue that involves both men and women. Anyone can experience or be a perpetrator of sexual violence, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Perpetrators can be anyone:  a stranger, someone you have known for a long time, or someone you have just met. This offense can impair or limit the educational and occupational opportunities of any person at CCBC and has no place in this community. We have made a commitment to reduce its occurrence, and provide the following information, as well as action steps, for the campus community.

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