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Supervisory Training

Every day supervisors are asked to carry out a myriad of management responsibilities from managing change to finding new solutions to stubborn problems and supervising a workplace of diverse employees.  That’s a tall order for new and experienced supervisors alike, especially in today’s dynamic workplace.  Organizations that support their supervisors by providing training see better employee retention, increased product/service quality, decreased employee turnover, improved competitiveness, less absenteeism, and a robust bottom line.

Community College of Beaver County is in the business of helping organizations train their supervisors on the best practices for handling these important tasks.  Using curriculum customized to the specific needs of your organization, our instructors, all experts in their fields, bring real-world experiences into the classroom.  Popular topics include Transitioning from Employee to Supervisor; Conflict Resolution; Correcting Problem Performance; Five Dysfunctions of a Team and How to Overcome Them; Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace; Managing Change; and Coaching Employees Towards Excellence.

Contact Steve Morgan, Business Development Coordinator, today to see how easy and cost effective it is to bring a customized CCBC training program into your organization!