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Student Success Stories

As a CCBC student, you have the power to motivate others to continue their education and build a better future. If you are a current student or recent CCBC graduate, we invite you to share your CCBC experience and words of wisdom to encourage others to attend CCBC or inspire others to complete their degree or certificate. Email  

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 2014 Business Administration grad

"I attended CCBC from the fall of 2012 until my final semester in the spring of 2014. I was blessed with the opportunity to receive a Presidential scholarship to become educated here on CCBC's dollar. All of my tuition is paid for, and it gave me the chance to worry about my schooling without being pressured financially. This school was my primary choice to attend first because of that reason. Although some students may look at a community college as below their standards, I would have to say that they are missing out. There are some great teachers that I have learned a lot from, and have developed friends that not only help me in the classroom, but also outside the campus. I plan on using my associate degree in Business Administration to work and save up some money so that I can transfer and obtain a bachelor's degree. In five years, I hope that I may be blessed enough to have a steady job in my field, with a wife by my side. I would tell future students to enjoy the experience while it lasts. It feels like just yesterday that I graduated high school, and let me tell you, it goes by really fast. I wish all of the future students the best of luck, and maybe some of you will be lucky enough to receive the Presidential scholarship, because it made my college experience here very enjoyable."

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"As I finish up my second year of being a Student Ambassador at CCBC, I couldn't be happier to have this scholarship. It gave me the chance to participate in activities that I probably wouldn't have went to if it weren't for the program; an example being the Indian Gathering we host. It also let me meet new people and create great friendships. After CCBC, I will be attending Geneva College to finish out my biology degree and hopefully after college, I will be able to become a teacher and teach a science class. Making the transition from high school to CCBC wasn't too hard for me because I have always been on top of my work. A good tip for the people who skate by in high school and don't study: start studying. Don't push things off until the last minute because you will soon realize that your classes will most likely overlap and you will probably have days where you have two tests scheduled. CCBC has given me a good experience and I can't wait to move forward into my future plans!" 

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2014 Business Administration graduate

Future plans: Transfer to Geneva College to major in Business Administration and Biblical Studies

 "Two years ago, I was a high school senior who had no clue what to do with my life. Now I look at myself today about to finish up my second semester of my sophomore year here at CCBC. If you would have asked me in high school if I would be standing where I am now, I would have probably laughed at you. Honestly, I had no clue what my major was going to be and even where I wanted to go. That is why I am so thankful for CCBC. CCBC has helped me grow so much as a student as well as a person. 

Over these past two years, I have been able to choose my major and decide what school I am going to transfer to. I owe much of that to CCBC and its faculty. Without the wonderful classes and amazing teachers, I really do not think I would have ever made up my mind about my major. Also, CCBC providing the transfer days where I could go and meet people from four-year colleges and universities really helped me in making my decision in where I am going to transfer. 

I would like to say thank you to CCBC. Thank you for the opportunity for me to grow and become a better student. I am so happy with my decision of spending my last two years here. I cannot imagine what it will be like to go to another school, but I know that you have prepared me for whatever lies ahead and for that I will be forever grateful." 


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"My experience at CCBC has been affordable, friendly, and academically efficient. The instructors I have had were well-qualified in their subjects, and I really do feel that I have received the same level of education as my friends who chose to start their college experience at a larger university. I also love the fact that the campus is close to home because it allows me to stay in touch with my family. Once I finish the nursing program, I plan to work as a registered nurse while pursuing my BSN from a transfer college. Later, I would like to obtain a master's degree in nursing so I can work as a nurse practitioner."  

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2014 Radiologic Technology grad

Currently: Employed at Heritage Valley Beaver as a part-time radiologic technologist

Future plans: Attend La Roche College to obtain a bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology and one day become a teacher in radiology 

“I feel that everybody should start at a community college.  The transition from high school to college is big, especially from coming from a small town like Rochester. Living at home with parents to going to living on your own and supporting yourself is a huge difference.  I was happy staying at home and going to school, which is why I stayed the entire time at CCBC. 

The instructors in [the radiologic technology] program were very helpful in preparing me for the next steps.  They have helped in teaching the information needed and also by being there for support the entire way.  The experience in the classroom and clinical setting has been very helpful in understanding the job field.  Spending the last two years with the same people every day has really showed me the relationships that can be made.  

My advice for current students is to try the best you can, it is not easy, but definitely well worth it in the end.  Once graduation comes, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.  Do not give up and remember anything is possible.  For future students, make sure this is the right decision for you.  Sometimes, it is best to sit and think about the future before making any decisions.  The [radiologic technology] program is not easy and takes a lot of work, but what is worth having is worth fighting for, do not give up.” 

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"I am currently an ambassador at CCBC. I graduated from South Side High School in 2012. Upon graduating, I knew I wanted to become a nurse and this is why I chose CCBC. I had heard wonderful things about the nursing program and wanted to remain close to home so this was perfect for me. I began taking classes for nursing whenever I was a senior in high school, many of them online. I would highly recommend doing this for any college student; it really lightens your work load.

My experience at CCBC has been wonderful! The instructors are very helpful and push you to do your best. I like the class sizes because I feel like my teachers actually know me and care about me on a personal level. After graduating, I hope to get a job being a RN. While working, I plan on getting my BSN online. In five years, I hope to have a solid job working in a Pittsburgh hospital and have my BSN. Overall, CCBC is an excellent school and has met all of my expectations." 

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"I am currently an ambassador at CCBC.  I graduated from Central Valley in 2012 and have been attending CCBC ever since. I am currently a second semester nursing student. It is very enjoyable.  Going from high school to college was not hard at all. I took one college class during senior year and that helped me transition a lot! The transition was very smooth as I was able to make friends very quickly. I love the close knit community that we get by going to a small school. My future plans include finishing the nursing program here at CCBC and going straight to school to earn a bachelor’s degree. I would also like to start working as a nurse soon after graduation. My plans for five years include continuing my education by receiving a master’s degree and maybe even a Doctorate. I want to focus on psychology and hope to one day work as a psychology nurse. I’d like to end with some advice for new students. Take a college class if you are able to while still in high school. This will make the transition so much easier. Also, try to master time management before you start classes. If you are a pro at time management, you should have no problems!  Good luck!"