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Communicating with You on Campus

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is updated and published annually and contains general college information, student-related policies and procedures, and athletics and events schedules.

2019 - 2020 Student Handbook

Titan Talk

Titan Talk is a monthly newsletter published by the Student Activities Office. It is distributed across campus during the fall and spring semesters, and can also be viewed online. It contains announcements, campus events information, and important dates and deadlines. Look for topics such as: financial aid, changes in office hours, library and bookstore updates, information, how to get involved in clubs and organizations, and government regulations effecting students in each issue.



Titan Talk - January 2018
Titan Talk - February 2018
Titan Talk - March 2018
Titan Talk - April 2018
Titan Talk - September 2018
Titan Talk - October 2018

Titan Talk - January 2017
Titan Talk - February 2017
Titan Talk - March 2017 
Titan Talk - April 2017
Titan Talk - September 2017
Titan Talk - October 2017
Titan Talk - November 2017
Titan Talk - December 2017

Titan Talk - January 2016
Titan Talk Feburary 2016
Titan Talk March 2016
Titan Talk April 2016
Titan Talk September 2016
Titan Talk October 2016
Titan Talk November 2016
Titan Talk December 2016

Titan Talk-January 2015
Titan Talk - September 2015
Titan Talk - October 2015
Titan Talk - November 2015

Titan Talk - September 2014
Titan Talk-October 2014
Titan Talk-November 2014
Titan Talk-December 2014


CCBC encourages and honors creativity by showcasing noteworthy short fiction, poetry, and art in Emerge, the College's literary and art magazine. The magazine is published on a two-year cycle and often has a particular subject or theme. Submissions are open to all full-time and part-time students as well as CCBC alumni. Students, faculty, and staff assist in the preparing the publication.