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Approved: 1/21/2010
Approved By: President's Staff
Section: 01 - GENERAL
Policy: 001 - Intellectual Discourse and Freedom of Speech

From time to time, external organizations and individuals not associated with the College may request authorization for use of the resources of the College for the purposes of promoting or presenting an event, program or other activity intended communicate a perspective, opinion or position of potential interest to the public.  The use of College facilities for such purposes must have prior approval through the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations.

As part of the approval process, certain activities will not be permitted.  These include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The distribution of flyers or leaflets in the parking lots or at other locations on campus;
  2. The use of electronic and/or digital communication resources of the College;
  3. Interfering with the movement or flow of traffic and/or individuals in an orderly fashion across the campus or within campus buildings;
  4. Behavior that a reasonable person would consider physically or verbally threatening, harassing, or abusive; and
  5. Other behaviors that have the purpose of interfering with an individual in the normal performance of her/his assigned duties or education.

The process for seeking approval from the Vice President of Finance and Operations will require the following:

Distribution or Posting of Written Materials

External organizations or individuals wishing to post materials or to otherwise distribute written materials on campus must submit a written request to the Vice President for Finance and Operations prior to undertaking such activities.  Included with the written request, a copy of the materials to be posted or distributed on campus must be submitted for review.  Such requests must be submitted at least one working day prior to the intended date of any posting or distribution.

In review of the request, the Vice President will consider the content of the materials in the context of policies approved by the Board of Trustees and other applicable College Procedures.  Where the Vice President decides to approve the materials for distribution and/or posting, s/he will have the authority to limit the volume of material distributed/posted; the location in which the materials may be distributed/posted; and/or the time frame in which the materials may be distributed/posted.

The Vice President will inform the individual/organization making the request of her/his decision, in writing, and specify any terms or limitations that may apply.

Public Debate, Dissent and/or Demonstration

Requests for use of College Facilities for the purposes of public debate, dissent and/or demonstration must also be submitted in writing to the Vice President for Finance and Operations.  The request must identify the sponsoring individual and/or organization and provide sufficient detail of the planned activity to permit informed decision making.  Such requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the intended date of the activity, and where the intent is to reserve a physical facility for the activity; additional procedures for the rental of College facilities must also be followed.

Approval of such requests will be granted at the discretion of the Vice President within the context of Board Policies and College Procedures.  In granting the approval, the Vice President will have the discretion to limit the location of the activity on the campus; to limit the duration of the activity and to stipulate additional conditions as may be appropriate to ensure orderly use of the College facility.  The approval will be issued in writing and will delineate any restrictions that may be applied. 

Where expenses will be incurred, it will be the responsibility of the individual/organization sponsoring the activity to ensure payment is made prior to the date of the event.  If payment has not been received within a minimum of 24 work hours prior to the event, the Vice President may cancel the event and notify it organizers.

In the event that individuals/organizations seek to use College facilities and/or resources without having followed the requirements of this procedure, the individual or organization will be notified that they are proceeding in violation of College policy and procedure and that they must immediately vacate College property.

If written materials have been posted or distributed without prior approval, said materials will be removed and destroyed.