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Approved: 1/8/2009
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Computer and Technical Resources

The department of Information Technology will is accountable for the procurement, allocation, installation, and support of all information technology resources at CCBC.


Replacement Cycle

Due to rapid technological advances, regular replacement of technology is essential.  For desktop computers, both in the classrooms and the offices, the goal is a four-year replacement cycles.  Cascading of older machines will only occur in special cases.  Regular reviews are performed by the Department of Information Technology determine to replacement and upgrade needs for other information technology resources.


Software Licensing and Maintenance

All software shall only be distributed in accordance with the licensing software agreement.  CCBC is obligated to enforce all software licensing agreements.  Licenses for software must be kept up to date.  The Department of Information Technology purchases licenses for all software installed on CCBC computers regardless of funding source.  CCBC owned licenses may not be installed on computer hardware that is not owned by CCBC unless explicitly permitted by the publisher of the software.


Centralized Procurement of Technology

Information technology items, including all hardware and all software installed on CCBC owned computers, are to be requested, approved, and purchased through the centralized process, regardless of the source of funds.  The Department of Information technology will coordinate the process with the users.  This ensures compatibility, monitoring of inventory, compliance with licensing, and cost efficiency.  The department of Information Technology


In purchasing equipment the Information Technology Department considers total cost of ownership.  To keep this cost lower, the department purchases desktop equipment from industry-recognized vendors.  Cost, functionality, life-span, and overall quality are balanced in selecting appropriate equipment.