Select this to enable text only view - Access to College's Networking Using Virtual Private Networking

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Approved: 11/19/2015
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Computer and Technical Resources

The Community College of Beaver County’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a system that uses the public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, in conjunction with client software to provide secure, off-campus access to resources on the Community College of Beaver County’s internal network.  The purpose of this procedure is to define criteria for the use of the College’s VPN.


The policy applies to employees who have a demonstrated need to access resources on the campus network when working outside the network. This policy does not apply to the access of those services such as Webmail, MyCCBC, Blackboard and others which are made available by the College on the Internet.


  • The virtual private network will be installed only on College-owned laptop computers and will use the VPN client software provided and installed by the Department of Information Technology.

  • All computers connected to the CCBC VPN must have the College’s approved antivirus and spyware detection software installed and active and are subject to scanning upon connection to the College’s network.

  • VPN access is provided to full-time employees.
  • By using the VPN technology employees must understand that their laptop/desktop computers are an extension of the Community College of Beaver County’s network and as such are subject to the College’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Procedure.

  • Users of this service are responsible for the procurement, installation and cost of acquiring Internet connectivity for use with this service as well as resolving any service issue with their Internet Service Provider.

  • A VPN is by nature bandwidth intensive.  Users who use the VPN must have access to broadband connection in order to take advantage of its capabilities.

  • Users granted VPN privileges must ensure that unauthorized users do not access the campus network using their VPN connection.

  • VPN access is granted through the use of a VPN client user ID and password as well as a CCBC network user ID and password.

  • VPN connections are to be used solely for approved college business and or academic support purposes.

  • VPN users will be automatically disconnected from the College’s network after a period of inactivity.

  • All laptop computers configured for VPN use will have the College’s asset tracking and recovery system installed.