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Approved: 9/4/2014
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 013 - Policy Development

The College has adopted a Policy Manual with defined categories. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure consistency in format and content of the College Policies and Institutional Procedures.

The person presenting the new draft or proposed amended policy or procedure is the document owner and should consult other departments or divisions of the College to ensure adequate input from all areas of the College and to avoid duplication. The document owner should also ensure that the document complies with all relevant legislation.

Each successive draft version must be dated and labeled as a draft. Proposed amendments to Policies and/or Institutional Procedures must begin with the current, approved version and indicate the proposed amendments by using the ‘Track Changes’ tab in Microsoft Word. The document should be titled appropriately for clarity and include sections as described below. These sections should be brief and concise paragraphs including the following information in narrative format: 

  • Purpose
  • Definitions, if needed for clarification
  • The Policy or Procedure Statement
  • Responsibilities Statement


Policy drafts will be presented to the full Board of Trustees for review and approval. They may be presented to the President’s Executive Council for discussion before going to the Board of Trustees.

Institutional Procedure drafts must reference an approved policy and will be presented to the President’s Executive Council (formerly called the President’s staff) for review and approval. If additional forms are needed to comply with Institutional Procedures, they will be posted to the College’s web site under ‘Procedure Files.’

The President or designee will assign numbers to approved policies and procedures and ensure that they are posted to the College’s web site. Members of the President’s staff are expected to communicate information regarding new or amended Policies and Procedures to employees within their areas.