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Pizza with the President

2/2/2015 - 2/2/2015
Student Services Center, lower conference room

Warm Up Wednesday - Aviation Sciences Center

2/4/2015 - 2/4/2015
Aviation Sciences Center

PTK Meeting

2/4/2015 - 2/4/2015
Library, room 215

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Approved: 6/7/2012
Approved By: President's Staff
Section: 01 - EMPLOYMENT
Policy: 001 - Hiring and Equal Employment Opportunity

To help ensure that employees are capable of performing their assigned duties safely, medical examinations (including a drug screen) may be required. Such requirements will be stated in the job announcement and/or job description when a position is made available.

After an offer has been made to an applicant entering a designated job category, a medical examination will be performed at CCBC's expense by a health professional of CCBC's choice. The offer of employment and assignment to duties is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the exam.

Information on an employee's medical condition or history will be kept separate from other employee information and maintained confidentially in the Human Resources office. Access to this information will be limited to those who have a legitimate need to know, including appropriate supervisory personnel.