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Approved: 2/17/2016
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Computer and Technical Resources


The Community College of Beaver County’s information technology resources exist for the transmission and sharing of information for the College’s purposes. Members of the College community’s use of these resources must conform to the College’s acceptable use policy and is subject to control by the College. Every attempt to protect privacy will be maintained, but observation of Internet traffic flow and content may be necessary at the College's discretion for security and legal reasons. The end-user who originates Internet traffic is responsible for Internet traffic that does not conform to this policy. 


The College will use content filters, packet shapers, firewalls, spam filters,
anti-virus and malware detection and other techniques to restrict access to inappropriate information on the Internet by students, faculty, staff and the community at large in all areas of the campus including labs, classrooms, libraries and offices and on private and public wireless networks maintained by the College.

The College may also restrict access to sites on the Internet which result in excessive use of College’s information technology resources.

Students, faculty and staff may find that an Internet site should be blocked or a legitimate Internet site is unintentionally blocked. Requests to block or unblock an Internet site must be submitted to the appropriate representative with the URL that was accessed or blocked and a brief description of what the site represents.  Each request will be forwarded to the appropriate representative for review: 

  • Students – Dean of Student Services and Enrollment
  • Faculty – Provost
  • Staff – Vice President of Human Resources
  • Members of the President’s Executive Council – President of the College  

If the request is determined to be valid, the representative will inform the Information Technology Help Desk via memo or the on-line clearance form and the site will be blocked or unblocked as appropriate. A notification will be sent to the originator of the request and the representative indicating the request has been honored. In the event the request is determined to be invalid, an explanation will be provided to the requestor by the representative.