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Approved: 5/15/2014
Approved By: President's Staff
Section: 01 - GENERAL
Policy: 002 - Civility

In order to provide a friendly and safe campus, while maintaining a disruption-free learning and work environment for students, employees, and community patrons, Community College of Beaver County does not allow unsupervised minor children (under the age of 18) on the CCBC property/campus. This procedure outlines the measures to be taken by the College to facilitate the maintenance of such an environment.


  1. CCBC does not provide child care services and does not supervise minor children. Minor children who are not enrolled for a CCBC program or activity are not allowed on College property (including buildings, grounds, or in a vehicle on College property) or at College-sponsored events unless under the direct supervision of a parent/responsible adult. If a child is left unattended, the parent/responsible adult will be contacted by a member of the College staff and requested to return to the child.
  2. Unless attending a college sponsored program, since the potential for distractions or disruptions exist, children are not permitted in classrooms, the athletic events center, and/or laboratories.
  3. In accordance with the Beaver County Library System usage guide, individuals under the age of 12, must be accompanied by an adult to use the college library, including the Library Computers.
  4. In extenuating circumstances, an employee or student may request the approval of his or her supervisor/instructor to bring his or her child to campus for a brief period. During this time the parent/guardian is solely responsible for the child and ensuring that the child does not disrupt the educational or work setting. If the child is disruptive, the employee/student will be asked to leave campus and find alternate arrangements for childcare. Employees, agents, or students may not supervise a child on behalf of the College.
  5. If a child on campus, authorized to be present in accordance with this policy, becomes disruptive, the situation will be handled in the same manner as situations in which an adult is disruptive as specified in the student code of conduct.
  6. Any employee of the College, employed in any capacity at the College, shall directly report any case of suspected, actual, or directly witnessed child abuse to his/her immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor, in conjunction with the Provost or VP Human Resources, as appropriate, shall respond to the report of suspected child abuse consistent with the reporting requirements of the Child Abuse Protective Services Act. The College shall provide training for responsible administrators.
  7. The President shall inform the Board of Trustees when a mandatory report of suspected child abuse has been submitted.