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image - Instructional Program Review

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Approved: 7/2/2015
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Program Evaluation

It is the policy of the Community College of Beaver County to regularly review curricula on an established schedule at least every five years for the purpose of strengthening and improving program offerings.  Faculty and educational administrators will be actively involved in the assessment process and will identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and establish improvement plans.  Program Improvement Plans, found within the program review form, will be incorporated into the College’s annual planning and budgeting process for implementation.

The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, or successor office, coordinates the program review process and notifies the Academic Deans and the Office of Institutional Research of the programs to be reviewed at the January Academic Council meeting and the first Dean’s meeting in January and through electronic mail.

The Deans and the full-time faculty members are responsible for completing the program review.  The Office of Institutional Research will gather and analyze data, as required, for the program review process.  The Deans are responsible to gather and analyze other pertinent data from, for example, Library Services, Human Resources, and Career Services required for a thorough analysis.    The Faculty Fellow for Planning, Assessment, and Improvement will review and, if necessary, revise the program outcomes for accuracy and sufficiency.

A 5-year rotation document is kept by the Administrative Assistant to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, or successor office.  When a new program begins, it is placed on the list for a review 5 years from the start date.

Program Review Final Report

The Academic Dean and the Office of Institutional Research will follow the Program Review Process and Timeline and complete all sections of the program review, with assistance from other areas, as appropriate. Recommendations for action will then be completed based on the analyses of information from various sources.  

The process will be completed in its entirety by December 15 of the academic year so that recommendations can be brought forward for planning and budgeting action through the College’s annual planning process.

Results of actions taken will be reported through the College’s annual planning process.  Additional actions needed will be addressed in subsequent annual plans.  In this manner, all planning and budgeting issues for the academic programs are considered in a predictable process tying planning, program review, and budgeting into a continuous cycle of improvement in concert with the College’s planning, program review, and budgeting process.