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Approved: 1/21/2010
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 007 - President Position Description

The Institutional Assessment Council is created through the Office of the President to function as part of the College Governance System.  It is charged with responsibility for developing performance measures to document the effectiveness of the College in addressing its Vision, Mission, Values and Goals and in achieving the activities associated with the College’s Strategic Plan.  The Council will review appropriate data and present a report card to the Planning Council along with recommending strategies for enhancing institutional effectiveness.

Responsibilities and Functions

The Institutional Assessment Council is designated by the President to have the following responsibilities and functions:

  • It will engage employees at all levels of the College in the assessment of College effectiveness;
  • It will assist the College in defining critical data elements that can be used to develop an institutional report card that monitors progress of the institution and its employees in achieving its Vision, Mission, Values and Goals;
  • It will assist the College in identifying assessment instruments that can be utilized to provide objective data which will assist in understanding the needs and expectations of students and other stakeholders;
  • It will assist the College in identifying benchmarking data that can be used to analyze the status of CCBC in comparison to other, similar institutions;
  • It will analyze a variety of data and report to the Planning Council, the Board of Trustees, and College community on the success of the College in effectively serving its students, valuing its employees, and supporting its community;
  • In analyzing and interpreting data, it will maintain a continual focus on measures that will strengthen the curriculum, improve retention and persistence to graduation among the College’s students and promote employee engagement in student success; and
  • Its members will serve as mentors, coaches and facilitators in helping others in the College to effectively understand and utilize data as a tool for continuous institutional improvement. 


The Institutional Assessment Council will be composed of a minimum of twelve members.  Three will be permanent members: the Chief Academic Officer, the Institutional Research Officer, and the Institutional Assessment Officer.  The remaining members will be selected from the employee groups of the College with three faculty, three support staff and three administrators.  Letters of interest will be solicited, and individuals will be appointed by the President to serve three year, rotating terms.  In making appointments, the President will consult with members of the President’s staff and will consider the applicant’s breadth of perspective of the college, the diversity required to sustain the Council, and the potential contributions of the applicant.  Preference will be given to individuals who are Fellows of the CCBC Leadership Academy.  Each rotating member will be eligible for a second, consecutive appointment.  Initial terms will be determined by a random drawing for one, two and three-year terms.  Terms will coincide with the new academic year, with terms starting on September 1 of each year.