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Approved: 7/19/2012
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 001 - Computer and Technical Resources

The College has chosen to provide selected employees with mobile computing devices as a means of promoting greater efficiency.  Those assigned use of a College-owned mobile computing device have responsibility for safeguarding them from potential theft or damage. A stolen or lost device creates security implications for any data that may have been stored on that device.

All College-owned mobile computing devices are governed by this procedure including devices made available as primary workstations; assigned within a departmental office; as a short term loan from Information Technology; or those purchased through grant dollars for a specific project.  The purpose of this procedure is to govern the use and liability of College-owned mobile devices.

College-owned mobile computing devices may be used for all work related purposes, whether on off campus.


  •  All  users are responsible for the security and safety of mobile computing devices assigned to them
  • College-owned mobile computing devices may not be loaned to individual students for personal use.
  • College-owned mobile computing devices may be loaned to students or student organizations for use on College-related activities.
  • All College-owned mobile computing devices must be returned to the College by users upon termination of employment or if specifically requested to do so by Information Technology.

Physical Protection and Reasonable Care:

  • Each user is expected to provide reasonable care to protect the mobile computing device regardless of whether the device is being used on or off campus
  • The device may not be transported as checked luggage on public transportation (airplanes, trains and buses).  The user will keep the devices in their possession at all time while traveling
  • Devices and their carrying cases should be labeled so that in the event of loss the device might be returned.  All College-owned mobile computing devices must have a College provided asset tag.
  • Equipment must not be left unattended in public areas and should be secured when they are left in offices or other locations on campus.
  • Mobile computing devices are not to be left in a locked car or car trunk.  Severe temperatures may damage them and there is the potential for break-in and theft.

Data Security

  • If the device is either lost or stolen this creates the potential for identity theft.
  • The user is responsible for the security of all College data stored on, or carried with, the College-owned mobile computing device. This includes any personally identifiable information such as student, faculty, staff, alumni and/or  vendor names, addresses, social security numbers, person ID numbers, account numbers and credit card numbers should not be downloaded, stored, or recorded on a College-owned mobile device
  • The user is responsible for ensuring that virus protection updates, operating system updates and virus scans are performed regularly.
  • The College’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) must be used when an external connection is being made to the College’s network in order to ensure that the communication is secure.
  • System software or hardware configuration on College-owned mobile computing devices are to be changed only by Information Technology.
  • The device and the data on it are to be protected by ensuring that it is locked or the user logged off when not in use.
  • Note that College-owned mobile computing devices are configured with theft protection and data protection services.

Inventory Tracking and Disposal

  • Upon termination of employment, all College-owned mobile computing devices, peripherals, and accessories are to be returned either to Information Technology or Human Resources no later than the last date of employment.
  • Employees on administrative leave must have prior approval from Human Resources and Information Technology in order to take College mobile computing device for use during their leave.
  • Faculty members who are on sabbatical must have approval from Information Technology before taking a College-owned mobile computing device with them while on sabbatical.
  • When a College-owned mobile computing device reaches the end of its useful life, it is to be returned to Information Technology for disposal.  Information Technology will ensure that mobile device is disposed of in a secure an environmentally correct manner.

Reporting Loss

  • Theft of a device must be reported immediately to the appropriate local law enforcement authority (Campus Security if on campus) and Information Technology as soon as the theft has been discovered.

Maintenance, Repair and Software

  • To the extent possible, Information Technology will install the same software on the mobile devices as on other College-owned computing devices.   Course specific software will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and installed as appropriate.  Information Technology will install the supported software, and no unlicensed software and no personal software will be installed on them.
  • Information Technology will provide all support for the devices including major operating systems and application software upgrades and hardware upgrades and repairs.  Upgrades and repairs will be provided on campus only.