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Approved: 9/18/2014
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 002 - Use of College Resources


This procedure provides guidance in the process of assigning the College’s facilities for utilization by various groups or individuals. The overall mission of the College governs the utilization of the College’s facilities. The Community College of Beaver County is committed to ensuring the full use of all facilities for the education of students and, if feasible and appropriate, for the community. All utilization of College facilities by groups or organizations within or outside of the College will be governed by the guidelines of this procedure.


The College maintains facilities of various sizes for instruction and College activities. These facilities include, but are not limited to classrooms, conference rooms, computing labs, a lecture hall and the Athletics and Events Center This procedure governs all of College’s facilities located on the main campus in Center Township as well as the Aviation Sciences Center, located on the Beaver County Airport in Chippewa, PA and the Washington Count Center at Southpointe.

Priority for Use

When a scheduling conflict arises between 2 or more groups for the use of any of the College’s facilities, the following criteria should be utilized to determine to determine which group has priority.

Priority 1 – CCBC Instructional Activities

This includes regularly scheduled credit, non-credit classes and College wide instructional activities.

Priority 2 – CCBC Non-Instructional Activities

This is includes all activities sponsored by CCBC clubs and organizations as well as institutional events sponsored by the president or appropriate administrator.

Priority 3 – Special Events and Activities Sponsored by Outside Organizations

This includes both non-profit organizations and for profit organizations.

In the event that the College is requested to provide the use of its facilities for matters involving Public Safety and or Emergency Management then this shall supersede the above priorities.

The Vice President of Learning & Student Success/Provost will approve the scheduling of events in the priority 1 and 2 categories.  In addition, it is the responsibility of the college’s department or operational area that is organizing or managing the event to contact the Physical Plant at least two weeks in advance of the event to communicate all setup requirements.

The Vice President of Finance and Operations will approve all facility use by organizations listed under priority 3.

Rental Process

Any individual or organization wishing to rent any of the College’s facilities except for the Athletics and Events Center should contact the Secretary in the office of Continuing Education at 724-480-3443. He or she will provide the requestor with available facilities that meet their needs as well as the rental cost. When the requestor decides to rent one of the College’s facilities, the secretary will record all pertinent contact and event information. The facility will be reserved in Ad Astra and information will then be communicated via email to the help desk. A member of the IT department staff will contact the renter to assess any technology requirements for the event. If needed, all renters will be encouraged to utilize the technology available in the College’s facilities. If the renter must utilize their own laptop, then the IT department will inform the renter of the equipment that the renter must provide in order to access the College’s technology.

The Secretary in the Continuing Education department will confirm the final arrangements for the facility 2 weeks prior to the event and communicate the event to the campus including any set up requirements to the Physical Plant. She will utilize the attached rate schedule and forward all pertinent information to the Business Office so that an invoice can be prepared and sent to the renter.

Any individual or organization wishing to rent the Athletics and Events Center, should contact the Vice President of Finance and Operations at 724-480-3356. If the facility is available, then information will be gathered on the event and a facilities contract will be completed and sent to the requestor. The Vice President will reserve Athletics and Events Center for the appropriate date. When the signed agreement is received, the Vice President will sign the agreement and send a fully executed copy to the renter. Copies of the agreement will also be sent to Security, IT, Physical Plant and any other appropriate College operational areas.

The College reserves the right to reject rental to any party that may be requesting the use of facilities for events or activities judged to be beyond the capabilities of the operational characteristics of the space relating to codes, safety, etc. In addition, the College reserves the right to reject any request for use by outside parties that is deemed inconsistent with the mission or policies of the College.

Any unusual or additional expenses incurred by the College, as a result of the event, may be charged to the renter. These expenses may be but are not limited to the cost providing a technician to manage a video conference or a sound system as well as additional room setup costs. The secretary in the office of Continuing Education at 724-480-3443 will coordinate providing these services with the appropriate College department. Any such requirements should be disclosed up front and included in the rental contract signed by the organization sponsoring the event.


Exceptions to these procedures require approval of the College President.

The College recognizes that there exist organizations in the community that wish to utilize the College’s Athletics and Events Center and do not have the financial resources to pay the standard usage rates. The group must meet specific criteria in order to be considered for deviations from the standard rates including 1) The group must be non-profit and provide the College a copy of the organization’s 501c3 or other appropriate document designating their non-profit status, 2) The group must be community based or affiliated with an educational institution, and 3) the activity cannot be a fundraising activity.

The group must request, in writing to the Vice President of Finance and Operations, a reduction from the standard rates with supporting details. The group must show that the activity will not require resources of the College such as, but not limited to, custodial or maintenance staff either during or after the event. This must occur at the time of inquiry in order for the request to be considered. Any exceptions granted to the standard usage rates require the approval of the College’s President.