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Approved: 2/14/2008
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 013 - Policy Development

Board of Trustees Policy 1.02.013 addresses Policy Development as the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and defines the term “policy.”  In its normal role of policy development, the Board will delegate responsibility for the development of procedures required for implementation to the College’s administration.  Such procedures will be developed in two categories: Institutional Procedures and Operational Procedures.  These terms are defined as follows:

Institutional Procedures will be developed for implementation of policies adopted by the Board to guide community members and employees attempting to conduct business with the College.  Such procedures will be developed as directed by the Board and will be approved through the Office of the President in consultation with the President’s staff.  Access to the procedures will be accommodated through the College Procedures Manual, employee handbooks, Student Handbook, the College Catalog and other mechanisms as may be appropriate.

Operational Procedures will be developed to guide employees on the implementation of Board Policy or Institutional Procedures.  Such procedures will be developed jointly by employees in all offices affected by the procedure.  Operational procedures will be used to describe complete processes involving the activities of multiple offices so that all employees involved in their implementation will understand the complete process and can explain the process to others.  Operational procedures will be approved by mutual agreement of the affected members of the President’s staff and made available through the College’s Intranet and other mechanisms as may be appropriate.  Department heads will be responsible for training assigned employees as required for implementation of the operational procedure.