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Approved: 1/21/2010
Approved By: Board of Trustees
Section: 01 - GENERAL
Policy: 002 - Civility

The purpose of this institutional procedure is to oversee, regulate, and maintain the posting activities of all entities within Community College of Beaver County.

This policy will govern all recognized and unrecognized student organizations, individual students (regardless of affiliation to a student organization), College departments, employees, and outside agencies seeking to post information on campus property. 


  1. Posting is any sign, notice, poster, flyer, brochure, announcement, or other material that contains information and is displayed in a common location. 
  2. College Affiliated Entity is any association, group, or club of students that satisfies the requirements to file for official recognition from Community College of Beaver County Student Government Association.
  3. Sponsoring Party is the association, group, club, office, or individual who created the posting.
  4. Public Notice is any posting that is sponsored by an external individual or group.


Campus Communications

Sign Criteria

Postings must contain all of the following (if applicable):

  1. name of the sponsoring party
  2. time and location of the event
  3. any costs associated with the event


Sign Approval

All publicity to be distributed or displayed on campus must be approved by one of the following designees:

  1. Student Activities Office (for CCBC approved clubs, student events, or other student-related materials)
  2. Marketing and Public Relations Office (for all other College Affiliated Entities seeking signage)


Approved Locations

Designated bulletin boards for on-campus announcements will be located near the front entrance of all major campus buildings.

Postings may only appear in designated locations. Any postings not approved or in non-designated areas will be removed.

Postings placed in unauthorized areas, have not been approved by the appropriate office, or are deemed offensive by the College administration, will be removed.  Any damages caused by failure to adhere to the posting procedure will be repaired at the sponsoring party’s expense.

Method of Display

Posting may be placed only on approved areas and should be posted with thumbtacks (not staples). No more than 15 signs shall be approved for any one purpose to be posted within campus buildings.

Sign Removal

Postings must be removed by the party who distributed them within three days of the conclusion of the event.