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Approved: 11/17/2010
Approved By: President's Staff
Policy: 004 - Tuition Assistance Initiative

Unemployed individuals in Beaver County who wish to apply for the tuition assistance initiative are encouraged to meet with a member of the Information and Registration staff to complete the proper forms and application to the College.  To be eligible, they must be residents of Beaver County and affected by a layoff or business or industry plant closing.  They must have been laid off, permanently or indefinitely from a full-time position. 

Applicants cannot be currently enrolled at CCBC.  All applicants must have a letter from the Human Resource Office of their former employer or a notice of determination from the Office of Employment Security.  Applicants may enroll for a maximum of one semester in a credit program on a tuition-free basis.  College staff will assist applicants in an attempt to secure the necessary financial aid to complete their education.  Applicants already approved for Financial Aid will have their aid applied to their account to offset tuition prior to Tuition Assistance being provided.  Financial Aid packages for eligible applicants may be reduced by defined amount to eliminate over-awards.  For eligible applicants, all costs of tuition will be waived.  However, fees, textbooks and supplies must be paid by the applicant.  Should the applicant become employed part-time or full-time prior to the start date of the semester in which they are enrolled, the individual must notify the Registrar immediately.  This will make the applicant ineligible for the Tuition Assistant Initiative.

The Tuition Assistance Initiative can be used once in any five-year period.  Courses can be selected from all credit programs.