image image Signage for Interior Rooms and Buildings

Policy: Communications and Image
Approved: 2/17/2011
Approved By: President's Staff


The College’s interior room and building signage is designed such that the College has the ability to change all the information on the sign except for the room number.  Appropriate office signage information includes the employee’s proper name and title as listed in the College’s management information system.  Signage for faculty offices should also include the current office hours for each faculty member.  All other interior signage should include a description of the area consistent with the description listed in the college’s management information system. 

Faculty Offices

To secure updated signage designating office hours, each faculty member is to notify their Division Secretary of their regularly scheduled office hours for each semester.  The Division Secretary will produce the updated signage using the Microsoft Word templates provided through Plant Operations and will return the updated signage to the faculty member for posting.  The Division Director will ensure that office hours for all assigned faculty are appropriately posted within the first two weeks of a semester.

All Other Rooms on Campus

Any changes to interior room or building signage other than faculty offices should be communicated in writing to the Physical Plant.  The physical plant secretary is responsible for utilizing the Microsoft Word templates provided to update the appropriate information and ensure that the interior room or building sign is updated.