image image Teaching and Instruction Schedule Conflicts

Policy: Position Classification and Compensation Plan
Approved: 10/18/2012
Approved By: President's Staff

Employees of CCBC, with the prior permission of their supervisor and the departmental vice president, may be permitted to teach or instruct classes to which they have been verified to be qualified to teach. The following rules apply:

  1. The employee shall receive the pay rate as established by the College for performing instruction that normally occurs outside their regular scheduled work with the exception of the twelve-month faculty.
  2. The employee shall receive their regular pay rate for their regular job for all classroom instruction that occurs during their normally scheduled hours (i.e., there will not be any additional compensation for instruction unless an agreement is reached between the employee, their supervisor, the departmental vice president and Human Resources on how these instruction hours are recovered within the employee’s schedule.)
  3. In no way may the performance of this additional instruction interfere or conflict with the primary duties of the individual’s primary job.