image image Personal Leave of Absence

Policy: Employee Attendance
Approved: 1/10/2013
Approved By: President's Staff

The Community College of Beaver County provides leaves of absence with and without pay to eligible employees who wish to take time off from work duties to fulfill personal obligations. Employees in the following employment classification(s) are eligible to request personal leave as described in this policy:

For those employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement, please refer to it for eligibility and coverage under this category.

Eligible employees may request personal leave only after having completed 90 calendar days of service. As soon as eligible employees become aware of the need for a personal leave of absence, they should request a leave from their supervisor.

Requests for personal leave will be evaluated based on a number of factors, including anticipated workload requirements and staffing considerations during the proposed period of absence.

All requests under this procedure must be submitted in writing.

Please contact Human Resources with any questions concerning this procedure.

If an employee fails to report to work promptly at the expiration of the approved leave period, CCBC will assume the employee has resigned.

It is a requirement that anyone requesting personal leave, that they exhaust all paid leave benefits available in the beginning of any personal leave.