image image Mobile Personal Device Use

Policy: Computer and Technical Resources
Approved: 10/18/2012
Approved By: President's Staff

All members of the CCBC college community who are granted the privilege of using a College email account may access their College email account using a personally owned smartphone or other mobile device.  Supported devices include Windows Mobile Smartphones, Apple iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Windows tablet computers, Android tablet computers or other device that support Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol.

Members of the CCBC college community who choose to access their college email account using a personally owned smartphone or other mobile device are responsible for securing their devices and are fully responsible for sensitive, confidential, or mission critical information stored on the mobile devices.  If a device is stolen or misplaced or if the device changes ownership it is the responsibility of the owner of the device to inform CCBC’s Information Technology Department that the security of the device has been compromised.  Upon such notification Information Technology will disable the ability for that specific device to access the owner’s CCBC email account.  Information Technology may, at the request of the user, initiate a remote wipe of that device.

Information Technology support for the connection process is limited to providing users with server names, usernames, domain names and passwords.  Information Technology does not provide application support for personally owned smartphones or other mobile devices.

CCBC is not responsible for any charges incurred either directly or indirectly from the use of Smartphones or other mobile devices to connect to the College’s email system.