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1.02.006 Trustee Orientation

Approved: 8/18/2008
Reaffirmed: 10/16/2012
Approved By: Board of Trustees

As membership on the Board of Trustees changes, it is the desire of the Board to have a planned orientation program that will familiarize new appointees with the College and with the expectations of the Board and individual members of the Board.  To that end, the Board will encourage the Board of County Commissioners to make timely appointments so that time can be scheduled for the Trustee Orientation.

As part of the orientation, the Board Chair and Vice Chair will review and discuss Board Policies focusing on the role of trustees, expectations for Board conduct, expectations for individual Trustee conduct, and the Trustees position description.  Differentiation of the role of the Board and the role of the President will also be included in the orientation.

The President and members of the President’s staff will also participate in the orientation process.  They will provide an historical overview of the role and mission of community college, the statutory and regulatory climate at the federal and state level, mechanics of funding, prior fiscal audits and budgeting, and the Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of the College.  Other topics may be included in the orientation process as deemed appropriate.

Development of the orientation schedule will be coordinated through the Office of the President.