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5.03.001 Computer and Technical Resources

Approved: 1/22/2013
Approved By: President's Staff

The Community College of Beaver County provides information technology resources to support users engaged in academic preparation, learning, teaching, and administrative purposes.  These resources include, but are not limited to, computer systems, all computers, computer files, and storage units (disks, CDs, jump drives, etc.), electronic devices and internet and intranet access, electronic mail, College telecommunications, data communication networks, and instructional technology equipment provided in its offices or elsewhere.  Individuals employed by the College, enrolled with the College, or granted permission by the College are permitted to use these resources for class purposes or other College approved uses.  The resources and any or all materials generated through or housed within these resources remain the property of the College and may be viewed by representatives of the College at any time to ensure proper use of the resources and compliance with College policy and procedures.

All users of these resources are expected to act responsibly to maintain the integrity of the resources.  Users may be held accountable for their misuse of these resources under the policies and procedures of the College as well as state and federal statutes.

The College President will develop, implement, and enforce computer and technical resource use guidelines for the implementation of this policy.