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4.04.001 Eligibility for Scholarship Programs

Approved: 3/24/2003
Approved By: Board of Trustees

As the educational climate changes and the cost of education continues to rise, it becomes increasingly more difficult for students to meet educational expenses.  Existing financial resources including state and federal financial aid, external scholarships, and third party funding often fall short of meeting educational expenses.  The Board of Trustees recognizes the need to establish institutional scholarship programs to assist students with meeting educational costs and to provide a venue to actively recruit students demonstrating scholastic and/or athletic achievement.

The Board directs the President to develop procedures to establish eligibility criteria for all scholarship programs at the College.  Procedures to be developed are to include funding levels for programs, recruitment initiatives, student eligibility requirements, and disbursement processes.  Full consideration is to be given to both need-based and non-need-based scholarships, thus providing institutional access to meet the student’s educational costs and recognize student merit and achievement.