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3.05.004 Academic Forgiveness

Approved: 5/21/2013
Approved By: Board of Trustees

It is the belief of the Board of Trustees that individuals who did not perform well early in their academic career with the College should have an opportunity for improving their academic record in order to complete their studies and earn a certificate, diploma or degree with the College.  To that end, it is the desire of the Board to create an Academic Forgiveness Program for any former student who has not attended Community College of Beaver County for a period of at least three years academic years.

The President of the College is directed to develop appropriate procedures for the implementation of this policy.  The student grade point average (GPA) will be recalculated on the basis of the forgiveness provided.  However, such recalculation shall not serve as a basis for reinstatement of eligibility for federal and/or state aid programs when the student had previously been suspended from participation in such programs.

A student may only be approved for academic forgiveness one time and once approved, the decision cannot be reversed.  The procedures shall ensure that students approved for academic forgiveness earn at least twelve (12) additional semester credit hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher before notations of academic forgiveness are noted on the student’s transcript.