Teacher's Certification in Yoga

Credits Required: 16 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

Teacher’s Certification in Yoga is a program based upon the standard 200-hour training in yoga for yoga teaching certification. This program has six formal courses: Yoga I, Yoga II, Yoga III, Yoga IV, and Nutrition. 

The student will be trained in the teaching of physical asanas, the philosophical and historical aspects, terminology and knowledge of yoga language (Sanskrit), world diversity and literature, and nutrition.

The elements of yoga include the philosophy including that of Patanjali, various styles of yoga, including Sir Patthabi Jois and ashtanga, and teacher techniques. The training involves physical, philosophical, and pedagogical participation and education. Courses are typically offered so that students can complete the program in 16 months.


Gainful Employment Info

Curriculum 16 credits

First Semester - 3 Credits

HPER 130Yoga I 3.00
HPER 130Yoga I 3.00
HPER 140Yoga II 3.00
HPER 230Yoga III 3.00
HPER 250Yoga IV 4.00
HPER 220Nutrition 3.00