Police Technology Certificate

Credits Required: 35

(2017-2018 Academic Year)

The Beaver County Municipal Police Training Academy has teamed up with CCBC to provide the vocational training leading to certification in Police Technology.

The curriculum provides you with the 919 hours of training mandated by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission in anticipation of employment as a municipal police officer.

This program is designed to meet the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission's  instructional requirements for currently employed officers as well as those seeking employment in police enforcement. Topics covered during the two semesters include physical and emotional readiness; defense tactics and handling arrested persons; motor vehicle law; patrol procedures and operations; report writing and case preparation; basic firearms; and first aid and CPR.

Upon completion of this program, students newly hired as police officers can apply for a waiver of Act 120 schooling based on their successful completion of the Commission's criteria.



First Semester - 17 Credits

PLIC 103Introduction to the Academy & Intro 2.00
PLIC 106Law & Criminal Procedure 5.00
PLIC 107Phys & Emotional Readiness I 1.00
PLIC 108Defensive Tactics I 1.00
PLIC 109Vehicle Code Enforcement 4.00
PLIC 112Patrol Proc & Operations 4.00

Second Semester - 18 credits

PLIC 151Criminal Investigation 3.00
PLIC 152Physical & Emotional Readiness II 3.00
PLIC 153Def Tactics II & Hand Arrested Per 2.00
PLIC 154Responding to Special Needs 1.00
PLIC 156Emerg Response Training 2.00
PLIC 157Oper of Patrol Vehicle 2.00