Police Technology Certificate

Credits Required: 35

(2017-2018 Academic Year)

The Beaver County Municipal Police Training Academy has teamed up with CCBC to provide the vocational training leading to certification in Police Technology.

The curriculum provides you with the 750 hours of training mandated by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission in anticipation of employment as a municipal police officer.

This program is designed to meet the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission's  instructional requirements for currently employed officers as well as those seeking employment in police enforcement. Topics covered during the two semesters include physical and emotional readiness; defense tactics and handling arrested persons; motor vehicle law; patrol procedures and operations; report writing and case preparation; basic firearms; and first aid and CPR.

Upon completion of this program, students newly hired as police officers can apply for a waiver of Act 120 schooling based on their successful completion of the Commission's criteria.

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First Semester - 17 Credits

PLIC 103Introduction to the Academy & Intro 2.00
PLIC 105Physical & Emotional Readiness 2.00
PLIC 120Laws and Procedures 6.00
PLIC 128Defense Tactics&Arrested Persons 3.00
PLIC 135Motor Vehicle Law and Accident and 4.00

Second Semester - 18 credits

PLIC 145Patrol Procedures and Operations 3.00
PLIC 155Principles of Criminal Investigatio 4.00
PLIC 160Human Relations 2.00
PLIC 162Crisis Mgmt. and Families in Crisis 3.00
PLIC 165Basic Firearms 3.00
PLIC 167First Aid & CPR 2.00
PLIC 170Operation of Patrol Vehicles 1.00

Course Descriptions

PLIC 103 - Introduction to the Academy & Intro

Introduces the student to the Academy, its mission, rules and regulations, and the role and function of the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). Law enforcement in Pennsylvania and the PA Criminal Justice System are introduced including history and principles and ethic and moral issues. 2-0-2

PLIC 105 - Physical & Emotional Readiness

This course covers physical fitness training and stress management. Class emphasis is on physically preparing students to meet the State Police and Training Commission standards for municipal police physical fitness. The class promotes development of life-long physical activity. 1-3-2

PLIC 120 - Laws and Procedures

This course covers such topics as criminal law, constitutional law, laws of arrest, civil laws, liquor laws, controlled substance law, search and seizure, and environmental crimes. 5-3-6

PLIC 128 - Defense Tactics&Arrested Persons

This course covers the use of force and the legal issues involved. It also reviews the practical application of tactical self-defense. The mechanics of arrest, restraint, and control are reviewed including handcuffing, transporting prisoners, custody of the mentally ill, booking and lockup, booking and lockup of juveniles, and special problems. 1-6-3

PLIC 135 - Motor Vehicle Law and Accident and

In this course, the PA Motor Vehicle Code is studied in detail including DUI Enforcement/Impaired Operator/Intoxilyzer Operation. Collision investigation, collision scene traffic direction, and control of hazardous materials are also covered. 3-3-4

PLIC 145 - Patrol Procedures and Operations

This course will cover the role of the patrol in policing the community including procedures, activities and incidents, monitoring and controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic, vehicle stop techniques, roadblocks and barricades, crimes in progress, crowd control and civil disorder, and crime prevention and reduction. 2-3-3

PLIC 155 - Principles of Criminal Investigatio

This course will focus on the officer as the first responder, how to secure the crime scene, interviewing/interrogation, identifying and collecting evidence, and the identification of suspects. Various crimes will be discussed. Report writing and note taking as well as courtroom testimony and demeanor will be reviewed. 2-6-4

PLIC 160 - Human Relations

This course discusses the perceptions of human behavior and discusses communication, cultural diversity, ethnic intimidation, and bias crimes. 2-0-2

PLIC 162 - Crisis Mgmt. and Families in Crisis

This course deals with such topics as: behavior management, crisis intervention, dispute intervention, conflict management, recognizing special needs, and hostage situations, as well as juvenile law and justice. 3-0-3

PLIC 165 - Basic Firearms

This course covers the basic information on handling, shooting, and maintaining firearms. It includes 72 hours of practice shooting on a combat range. 1-6-3

PLIC 167 - First Aid & CPR

This course covers emergency response training. 1-3-2

PLIC 170 - Operation of Patrol Vehicles

This course will instruct students in preventive patrol tactics and emergency vehicle operations. 0-3-1