Police Technology (degree)

Degree offered: Associate in Applied Science

Credits Required: 65/66 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

The Beaver County Municipal Police Training Academy partners with the College to provide vocational and academic training leading to an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The program is designed to meet Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission requirements through the Beaver County Municipal Police Training Academy and academic degree requirements through CCBC.

The Police Technology curriculum provides the 750 hours of training mandated by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission in anticipation of employment as a municipal police officer.

Upon completion of the certificate portion of the program, graduates can apply for a waiver of Act 120 training, and upon successful completion of the State Certification Exam can be employed as municipal police officers, probation officers, campus police officers, park rangers, and federal law enforcement officers.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to


  1. Be employed in a state, federal, or local police organization. 
  2. Successfully pass the state certification exam.  
  3. Successfully complete  ACT 120 certification.
  4. Advance their career in police technology.

Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 17 Credits

PLIC 103Introduction to the Academy & Intro 2.00
PLIC 105Physical & Emotional Readiness 2.00
PLIC 120Laws and Procedures 6.00
PLIC 128Defense Tactics&Arrested Persons 3.00
PLIC 135Motor Vehicle Law and Accident and 4.00

Second Semester - 18 credits

PLIC 145Patrol Procedures and Operations 3.00
PLIC 155Principles of Criminal Investigatio 4.00
PLIC 160Human Relations 2.00
PLIC 162Crisis Mgmt. and Families in Crisis 3.00
PLIC 165Basic Firearms 3.00
PLIC 167First Aid & CPR 2.00
PLIC 170Operation of Patrol Vehicles 1.00

Curriculum - 2nd Year

Third Semester - 15/16 Credits

CIST 100Introduction to Information Tech 3.00
CRIM 120Narcotics and Drug Abuse 3.00
PSYC 101General Psychology 3.00
WRIT 101English Composition 3.00
MATH 129College Algebra with Review 4.00
MATH 130College Algebra 3.00
MATH 126Statistics 4.00
BIOL 110Human Ecology & Heredity 3.00
CHEM 105Principles of Biological Chemistry 3.00

Fourth Semester - 15 Credits

COMM 110Interpersonal Communication 3.00
COMM 201Public Speaking 3.00
CRIM 125Corrections 3.00
LITR 210Concepts of Literature 3.00
POLS 101American National Government 3.00
PSYC 208Abnormal Psychology 3.00