Culinary Arts Management

Degree offered: Associate in Applied Science

Credits Required: 61/62 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

Considered a high demand occupation by labor and industry, the Culinary Arts Management program combines the skills of culinary arts with business management. The program is designed for those interested in food service supervision or management. Culinary classes are in depth and include principles of kitchen functions, culinary calculations, and food preparation techniques in a fully equipped commercial foods kitchen.

The program also includes ServSafe certification training, a must for every manager.
In addition, business classes such as Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Managerial Accounting, and Human Resource Management provide students with the necessary background in management. Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared for entry-level management or for advancement within their current food service employment.

The program prepares students for careers such as assistant manager, caterer, food service inspector, assistant chef, or manager in a restaurant, institution, food management companies, or other hospitality area of interest.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to

  1. Perform basic kitchen applications.
  2. Demonstrate time management proficiency while producing an industry acceptable product. Obtain the National Restaurant Association ServSafe certification.


Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 16/17 Credits

CIST 100Introduction to Information Tech 3.00
CULA 100Intro to Culinary Arts/Baking I 6.00
CULA 110Sanitation Principles 1.00
MATH 110Mathematics of Business 3.00
MATH 126Statistics 4.00
 TAOC Category Three 
BIOL 110Human Ecology & Heredity 3.00
CHEM 105Principles of Biological Chemistry 3.00
PHYS 110Introduction to Astronomy 3.00
 TAOC Category Four 
WRIT 101English Composition 3.00

Second Semester- 15 Credits

BUSM 112Principles of Management 3.00
CULA 115Prin of Cooking/Baking II 6.00
CULA 125Nutrition and Menu Planning 3.00
LITR 210Concepts of Literature 3.00
WRIT 103Writing For Business/Tech 3.00

Curriculum - 2nd Year

Third Semester - 15 Credits

ACCT 110Financial Accounting 3.00
BUSM 205Business Law 3.00
COMM 110Interpersonal Communication 3.00
CULA 120Advanced Principles of Cooking 6.00

Fourth Semester - 15 Credits

CULA 200Practical Cuisine 6.00
PSYC 105Social Psychology 3.00
SOCI 231Cultural Diversity in American Soci 3.00
 TAOC Category Five (PSYC or SOCI) 
 Select 2 courses from the following (total of 6 credits): 
BUSH 230Event and Media Planning 3.00
BUSM 241Human Resources Management 3.00
BUSM 108Entrepreneurship 3.00
BUSM 115Customer Relationship Management 3.00
BUSM 245Principles of Marketing 3.00