Business Management

Degree Offered: Associate in Applied Science

Credits Required: 60/61 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

The Business Management Associate Degree enables the student to acquire a broad understanding of all functional areas of a typical business (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Production, Information Systems, and Marketing) operating in today’s dynamic environment.

As a current employee in a management discipline, this program will help the student prepare for advancement. If preparing for entry into the business management field, this program will help the student prepare for entry into a first-line management position, such as assistant manager, supervisor, office manager, group leader, or project manager; in areas of advertising, benefits administration, finance, human resources, insurance, retailing, transportation, wholesaling, and communication.

Throughout this program we emphasize the management topics of leadership, motivation, communication, and team building. Furthermore, you will be taught techniques for effective decision-making and methods for setting strategic and tactical goals, planning and organizing activities, leading employees, and controlling operations in organizations.

This well-rounded curriculum will set you on the path to success in the business world.

Program Outcomes


Graduates will be able to

  1. Demonstrate the ability to create all phases of a business plan.
  2. Prepare a project charter with supplemental forms using MS Word and use MS Project software to build a project and GANTT chart.
  3. Analyze business transactions and complete the accounting cycle.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of culturally diverse work behaviors.  


Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 15 Credits

ACCT 110Financial Accounting 3.00
BUSM 112Principles of Management 3.00
BUSM 255Macroeconomics 3.00
CIST 100Introduction to Information Tech 3.00
WRIT 101English Composition 3.00

Second Semester - 15/16 Credits

ACCT 111Managerial Accounting 3.00
BUSM 256Microeconomics 3.00
CIST 106Software Productivity Tools 3.00
LITR 210Concepts of Literature 3.00
WRIT 103Writing For Business/Tech 3.00
MATH 126Statistics 4.00
 TAOC Category Three 

Curriculum - 2nd Year

Third Semester - 15 Credits

BUSM 110Introduction to E-Commerce 3.00
BUSM 260Project Management 3.00
BUSM 205Business Law 3.00
COMM 110Interpersonal Communication 3.00
COMM 201Public Speaking 3.00
PSYC 101General Psychology 3.00

Fourth Semester - 15 Credits

BUSH 241Human Resource Management 3.00
BUSM 108Entrepreneurship 3.00
BUSM 200Business Finance 3.00
BUSM 245Principles of Marketing 3.00
BUSM 270Business Internship 3.00
 Business Internship 3 credits