Military Servicemember Focus

The Community College of Beaver County acknowledges the benefit of providing a military-inclusive educational experience for all those involved with the educational process - students, faculty, administrators and staff. The disciplined environment that is part of the military culture breeds maturity, responsibility, community focus, and creative responsiveness to a number of unique challenges, including assimilating into civilian life.

With that in mind, it is our intention to facilitate the ease with which our military students adjust to the college experience. Our goal is to provide flexibility and responsive attention to servicemember and veteran needs.  In addition to the Enrollment and Financial Aid Services involved in the admission and preparation for enrollment, CCBC is prepared to assist military students through:

Regarding the reasonable transfer of credits, CCBC’s Enrollment Services Department recognizes and uses the ACE Guide in evaluating military training courses and occupational experience; CCBC awards credit from military transcripts where appropriate to degree and major of preference. We seek to achieve minimum loss of previously earned credits and adhere to credit nationally recognized by CLEP testing and ECE (Excelsior College Examinations).

The Veteran's Liaison, Beth Wiruth, is our Campus' Military Representative. Information on financial benefits and approved programs of study can be received from his office. 724-480-3579/