Robotics and Intelligent Systems Certificate

Certificate Offered

Credits Required: 31 (2016-2017 Academic Year)

Robotics and Intelligent Systems is an inter-disciplinary program that is designed to instruct students in the analysis, design, and development of automated systems using a variety of robotic platforms. 

Students will study topics in autonomous robotics, remote-control robotics, computer programming, mathematics, electronics, digital microprocessors, and sensor operation. The program is designed to provide both theoretical and practical application in the study of embedded systems. 


Students will be prepared for employment as a robotic technician, field service technician, electronic technician, and animatronics technologist in a variety of industries as embedded systems are expanding into almost all industries including manufacturing, defense, and health care.

Gainful Employment Info


First Semester - 15 Credits

CIST 100Introduction to Information Tech 3.00
CIST 130Introduction to Agile Robotics 3.00
CIST 150C++Programming 3.00
MATH 130College Algebra (or higher)3.00

Second Semester - 16 Credits

BUSC 220Team Development 3.00
CISN 200Client Operating Systems 3.00
CIST 135Integrated Intelligent Systems 3.00
PHYS 105Physical Science 4.00