Your Path to American Airlines

Fleet Expansion

Piedmont operates a fleet of Embraer 145 regional jets and Bombardier DHC-aircraft for American Airlines.

Piedmont will continue to receive E1 45 aircraft through 2016 and into 2017.  American has pledged a minimum of 20 E 145s to Piedmont.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. 1500 total hours and able to meet ATP requirements (or restricted ATP with qualifying academics).
  2. A commercial multi-engine airplane license with an instrument rating and an English proficient endorsement.
  3. A valid passport and authorization to work in the United States.
  4. FCC Radiotelephone Operator permit
  5. Current First Class Medical Certificate
  6. No DUIs in the last five years

Company Profile

Piedmont Airlines, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Airlines Group (AAG).  Headquartered in Salisbury, Maryland, Piedmont Airlines carries over 3 million passengers a year, flying approximately 300 flights a day to 55 destinations.  Piedmont Airlines operates a fleet of Bombardier DHC-8 and Embraer-145 regional jets, providing feed from markets throughout the East Coast in American Airlines hubs and key cities.

Your Path to American Airlines

Start at Piedmont, and your career path to American Airlines is set.  Piedmont has a 10-year contract to send qualified pilots to train and work for American.

You’ll start by training at the American Airlines Training Center in Charlotte, NC.  Once you begin flying for Piedmont, you’ll gain valuable experience flying in and out of the busiest airports on the East Coast.  Build time quickly and upgrade to captain in 12 to 18 months.

As you build PIC time, you can decide when you wish to move to American. Piedmont pilots who choose to flow to American are sent based on seniority.  Piedmont’s small (but growing) pilot group means you can expect to move to American in as little as five years.

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Pilot Training

Piedmont does not require you to sign a training contract.  Pilots are paid during training, provided single occupancy lodging at no cost and receive a per diem.

Piedmont airlines was the first regional airline to be fully certified with an Advanced Qualification Program. Training begins with an accredited home study program.

Ground training and Dash 8 simulator training are conducted in Charlotte E145 sim training is held in Dallas.

Crew Bases

Guaranteed job at American Airlines

Your path to American Airlines begins here

Piedmont has a 10-year contract with American Airlines that allows Piedmont pilot to “flow” seamlessly to American. Once a pilot is hired at Piedmont, no additional interview is required to step up to American.

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