School of Nursing and Allied Health (SONAH) Programs | REQUIREMENTS

Admissions to the Programs:  

Due to limited enrollment, there are special admission policies for the School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences (SONAH) programs. The following policies are for:

Complete the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) admission process to become a student at:

The applicant must meet the following minimum academic requirements for CCBC’s SONAH programs below: 

10 year requirements for the four programs listed above:

Applicants must have successfully completed one year of high school biology, one year of high school chemistry, and two years of mathematics (one of which must be algebra) with grades of C or better within the past 10 years.

Note: If the applicant does not have the biology requirement, Biology or CHEM105 Principles of Biological Chemistry   must be taken before Human Anatomy& Physiology I. 

Entry Requirements 

All applicants must apply for the appropriate programs entrance exam and meet the pre-admission examination score requirements. The programs are listed below: 

Nursing (ADN) Registered Nurse: 

The third week of November applicants must pick up the In-House Application and Information Packet (available at the Information & Registration Center).

The Exam for Nursing (ADN) Registered Nurse: 

Nursing (PN) Practical Nursing 

              The second week of April, the In House Application is available at the Information & Registration Center.

Nursing Program Functional Abilities

        The Exam for Nursing (PN) Practical Nursing 

Nursing Program Functional Abilities

LPN to RN 

Requirements for applicants who are Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) seeking advanced placement into CCBC’s RN program: 


   Once accepted the following must be completed:

Radiologic Technology

The second week of September, the In House Application is available at the Information & Registration Center.

Timeline and Testing:


Optional Study Guides:


Prior to final acceptance being granted into the Radiological Technology program students must successfully complete the following:

Radiologic Technology Technical and Funtional Standards



Physical Exams and Statement of Functional Abilities

The health care provider must review the functional abilities form and indicate on the Physical Exam form whether the student has any mental or physical problems or limitations which might affect class attendance (mandatory) or participation in clinical activities.


Please review the Immunization guidelines carefully.  

Health Guidelines

Background Checks and Drug Screening 

Clearance Requirements


All students entering Nursing (ADN and PN) and Radiologic Technician programs are required to have a current CPR card on file.  Starting in spring 2017, all students entering the Phlebotomy program will also be required to have a current CPR card on file. CPR must be American Heart Association or American Red Cross Association approved Health Care Provider courses (adult and child; AED). 

Re-Admission Requirements Nursing:

All Readmits into the SONAH must meet with the Dean of SONAH for readmission instructions. 

Program Progression

  1. GPA of 2.5 or better (Only those courses that are included in the core curriculum will be considered in determining the GPA.)
  2. A grade of “C” or greater in all courses required in the Nursing program
  3. Satisfactory clinical performance
  4. Satisfactory completion of core curriculum courses

Successful admission and completion of any CCBC SONAH program does not guarantee state or national licensure or registration to practice as there may be additional state/national criteria required for attainment of various licenses and/or certifications.

Uderstand that if you are offer admission to a health care program at CCBC, I will be required to obtain criminal clearances (both state and FBI), child abuse clearances, a complete physical exam including functional ability screening, titers, immunizations, TB testing, and substance abuse screening (including randomized screenings throughout the program). Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in removal from the program.  I also understand that successful completion of the program does not guarantee successful completion of the licensure exam or ability to obtain a license per State Board regulations (based on criminal record). 

Aditionally, you are responsible for maintaining reliable transportation to arrive at class and clinical on time and at various locations throughout the region.