Office Technology: Medical Administrative Professional

Degree Offered: Associate in Applied Science

Credits Required: 61/62 (2017-2018 Academic Year)

The emphasis throughout the curriculum is on the administrative assistant as a vital member of an office team. The program will offer students the opportunity to develop skills necessary to organize data using spreadsheet and database management software, interact with clients, vendors, and the general public, plan meetings, supervise the office, handle purchasing, and train other workers.

Office Technology will train students to become proficient computer users in various software applications. Students enrolled in the program, which provides flexible scheduling through an open-entry/open-exit classroom environment, will participate in hands-on, real life work situations in order to become a skilled office professional.

Studies will range from office procedures to developing expertise in Internet, e-mail, and software applications.

Additional coursework integrates the software applications into projects. The students will be given the opportunity to gain work experience through an optional internship.

The coursework provides course content that will prepare the student to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook), the globally recognized standard for desktop skills.

Graduates of the program are prepared for the following positions: medical administrative assistant, medical office assistant, medical receptionist, medical records assistant, medical secretary, medical office manager, administrative support supervisor, and administrative services supervisor.

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to

  1. Use appropriate medical terminology and coding procedures commonly utilized in medical practice.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency using Microsoft Office.
  3. Demonstrate communication, computer, and team building skills.


Curriculum - 1st Year

First Semester - 16 Credits

BUSC 105Professional Relations 3.00
OFFT 101Keyboarding Introduction 1.00
OFFT 110Internet For Office 3.00
OFFT 120Microsoft Word-MOS Expert Cert. 3.00
OFFT 140Medical Terminology 3.00
WRIT 101English Composition 3.00

Second Semester - 15 Credits

OFFT 141Medical Terminology Applications 3.00
OFFT 170Microsoft Outlook-MOS Certificatio 3.00
OFFT 180Medical Coding 3.00
OFFT 185Medical Insurance/Patient Billing 3.00
LITR 210Concepts of Literature 3.00
WRIT 103Writing For Business/Tech 3.00

Curriculum - 2nd Year

Third Semester - 15/16 Credits

BUSC 205Leadership 3.00
OFFT 125Microsoft Excel-MOS Expert Cert 3.00
OFFT 130Microsoft Access-MOS Expert Cert 3.00
PSYC 101General Psychology 3.00
MATH 110Mathematics of Business 3.00
MATH 126Statistics 4.00
 TAOC Category Three 
BIOL 110Human Ecology & Heredity 3.00
CHEM 105Principles of Biological Chemistry 3.00
PHYS 110Introduction to Astronomy 3.00
 TAOC Category Four 

Fourth Semester - 15 Credits

OFFT 155Office Procedures 3.00
OFFT 175Microsoft Powerpoint-MOS Certifica 3.00
OFFT 190Microsoft Publisher/OneNote Cert 3.00
OFFT 205Microsoft Office Applications Advan 3.00
OFFT 250Office Technology Internship 3.00
BUSC 110Interpersonal Communications 3.00

Course Descriptions

BUSC 105 - Professional Relations

Provides an overview of general principles of human behavior for understanding the job behavior of the individual employee. The individual’s goal of personal satisfaction and productivity on the job are profiled in the following professional development themes: self-understanding; methods of motivation; the contribution of goal setting on both work and personal life; decision-making skills; job stress and burnout; managing job conflict; developing effective working relationships; adjusting to organizational life; dealing with counterproductive people; working within a group; leadership and influence; and improving personal productivity. 3-0-3

OFFT 101 - Keyboarding Introduction

This course affords the student the opportunity to build keyboarding speed and to improve accuracy. Proofreading and advanced formatting skills are also emphasized. 0-2-1

OFFT 110 - Internet For Office

This course is an introduction of the utilization to the Internet and World Wide Web access for solving common office problems. Students will gain experience in the use of browsers and search engines to research, locate, and retrieve information necessary to efficiently operate an office. 2-2-3

OFFT 120 - Microsoft Word-MOS Expert Cert.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Word. The student will learn how to edit and format documents, work with tables, add graphics, create Web pages, merge documents, create charts and forms, and customize Word. At completion of the course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Expert Certification Exam. 2-2-3

OFFT 140 - Medical Terminology

This course is a comprehensive introduction to medical terminology emphasizing the language of medicine today. The focus is on word parts, their usage, and their meaning. Opportunities are provided to master the definition, pronunciation, and spelling of medical terms through a wide variety of practice and reinforcement modes. 2-2-3

WRIT 101 - English Composition

Students will practice expository writing and learn the academic form of the essay and research paper. Students will focus on the development of an academically sound and challenging thesis and resulting essay. The mechanics of writing will be reviewed as needed. Pre-requisite: Placement testing; successful completion of DEVS012 Reading and DEVS015 Introduction to College Writing if required, permission of the Division Director. Honors Option Available English Composition Honor students will practice expository and persuasive discourse in writing and learning the academic form of the essay and research paper. Students will focus on the development of a sound thesis for projects concerning topics of global or international significance. 3-0-3

OFFT 141 - Medical Terminology Applications

This course is an interactive study experience, using the convenience of the Internet. Students will expand their understanding of medical terminology through a unique combination of anatomy and physiology, word building principles and phonetic "sounds like" pronunciations. The course is perfect for those who want a deeper understanding of medical terminology to pursue a field in the healthcare. This course offers a balance of terminology review, content review, content application and critical thinking exercises. Comprehensive reviews of terminology and content are reinforced through a variety of recall exercises and application exercises encourage students to put concepts into practice. Pre-Req OFFT140. 2-2-3

OFFT 170 - Microsoft Outlook-MOS Certificatio

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2002. The course includes email communications; scheduling; and managing, integrating, and customizing Outlook with the Internet. At completion of this course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Certification Exam. 2-2-3

OFFT 180 - Medical Coding

This course provides the coding systems for the billing of medical and surgical procedures and services developed by the American Medical Association, the International Classification of Diseases, designed for statistical purposes and indexing of hospital records and for third party reimbursement. The purpose of this course is to provide students instruction in the skills of billing for medical and surgical procedures and services, implementing standard terminology, and uniform coding systems. Prerequisite: OFFT140 2-2-3

OFFT 185 - Medical Insurance/Patient Billing

This course is an introduction to processing health insurance claims and health insurance options. All aspects of medical insurance are covered, including plan options; carrier requirements; state and federal regulations; abstracting relevant information from source documents and accurately completing billing process. Prerequisite: OFFT140 2-2-3

LITR 210 - Concepts of Literature

This course introduces students to the three major forms of literary expression: fiction, poetry, and drama. Significant works from each form will be analyzed to reveal creative techniques, how they represent an author’s time, and how they reflect today’s human condition. Honors Option Available Concepts of Literature Honors explores literary art forms, both traditional, fiction, poetry and drama and non-traditional, film, virtual reality and gaming as well as the international cultures and philosophical approaches that create and interpret such works. Significant contributions to each literary form will be analyzed, resulting in student produced compositions, multi-media presentations and student lead discussions. Prerequisite: WRIT101 or permission of the department. 3-0-3

WRIT 103 - Writing For Business/Tech

Designed to train the student in effective writing, this course aims to increase the student’s ability to write with unity, coherence, and logic. It provides additional study and practice in writing letters, proposals, manuals, and reports of a business or technical nature as well as in professional and contemporary research methods. Prerequisite: WRIT101 3-0-3

BUSC 205 - Leadership

This course will provide a firm foundation of leadership theory, practical and applied knowledge, and experience in leading a team, task force, or activity and in developing communication and problem-solving skills, as well as a source for future use. This course provides the student with the understanding and the skills necessary to lead effectively in a variety of settings. Specifically, the course will prepare the student for leadership responsibilities in their professional, community service, or educational endeavors. The student will also acquire experience on how leadership is practiced and gain insights and information to enhance his or her leadership skills. 3-0-3

OFFT 125 - Microsoft Excel-MOS Expert Cert

The student will learn how to create worksheets, work with charts, pivot tables and use 'what if' analysis. At completion of the course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Expert Certification exam. 2-2-3

OFFT 130 - Microsoft Access-MOS Expert Cert

The student will learn how to work with tables, forms, and reports to create advanced forms; sub-forms and reports; data access and pages; and modules. Database maintenance and information sharing between programs is also included. At the completion of the course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Core Certification Exam. 2-2-3

PSYC 101 - General Psychology

This course examines the scientific study of behavior and mental processes and provides a survey of the major areas of psychology. Important topics and findings from psychology are reviewed. Topics include the role of science in the study of behavior, the biological foundations of behavior, learning, information processing, stress and health, social interaction, development, motivation, emotion and psychological disorders. 3-0-3

MATH 110 - Mathematics of Business

The first part of the course reviews the mathematics fundamental not only to employment in business but also to intelligent participation in consumer life. Topics to be reviewed include fractions and decimals; ratio and proportion; units of measurement; and percentage. The second part of the course is devoted to business applications. Topics include trade and cash discounts; markup; simple interest; payroll; sales and property tax; and elementary statistical notions. 3-0-3

MATH 126 - Statistics

This course is an introduction to a field whose ideas and concepts pervade modern society and whose importance in business, technology, science and research in general is considerable and ever growing. The course consists of three parts, namely, descriptive statistics, probability and inferential statistics. Prerequisite: "C" or better in PREP021, appropriate placement score or high school records. 4-0-4

BIOL 110 - Human Ecology & Heredity

This course studies the interaction of man with his environment. Such topics as overpopulation, pollution, behavior, drugs, and evolution will be discussed in terms of how they affect the well being of man. Resource speakers and field trips will be an integral part of the course. No prior science background is necessary. 3-0-3

CHEM 105 - Principles of Biological Chemistry

This course introduces students to the compounds of carbon and the role that these compounds play in living organisms 3-0-3

PHYS 110 - Introduction to Astronomy

This is an introductory course in the concepts of Astronomy. Emphasis is geared toward the student who wishes to acquire a beginning knowledge of astronomical phenomena. Topics are approached on a qualitative basis by the use of videos, classroom discussions, demonstrations, the World Wide Web, and off-campus activities. 3-0-3

OFFT 155 - Office Procedures

The integrated office of today requires the planning, implementation, and evaluation of various projects and activities. This course will provide students the opportunity through simulations to manage a series of typical office projects. 2-2-3

OFFT 175 - Microsoft Powerpoint-MOS Certifica

The student will learn how to edit and format presentations; modify objects; add graphics; create Web pages; enhance charts; link objects; and customize PowerPoint. At completion of the course, the student will be eligible for the MOS Certification Exam. 2-2-3

OFFT 190 - Microsoft Publisher/OneNote Cert

Microsoft Publisher and One Note 2013; comprehensive is intended for a 10-15 week period in a course that teaches Publisher and One Note 2013 as the primary component. No experience with a computer is assumed. Create desktop publishing material as well as notebooks with collaboration. 2-2-3

OFFT 205 - Microsoft Office Applications Advan

Office Applications will introduce high-quality work that requires analysis of customer needs, the development of solutions and assessment of technical skills and professional communication skills. Integration of productivity and system tools such as data import and export, file management and integration across platforms will be discussed. Pre-requisites: OFFT120, OFFT125, OFFT130. 2-2-3

OFFT 250 - Office Technology Internship

This course is designed to give Office Technology students on-the-job experience in various settings of the Administrative Assistant environment. Students enrolled in the course will have hands-on training using technology and facts learned in the Office Technology curriculum. 0-9-3

BUSC 110 - Interpersonal Communications

Provides an introduction to the communication process that occurs between people. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, maintain, and evaluate dyadic relationships through language, perception, self-disclosure, listening and nonverbal communication. Emphasis will be placed on building effective interpersonal relations in a business environment. 3-0-3