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4.04.003 - Presidential Scholarship

Approved: 3/19/2013
Approved By: Board of Trustees

It is the desire of the Board of Trustees to create and maintain a scholarship program to supplement the College’s Academic Excellence Scholarship.  The scholarship will be designated as the President’s Academic Scholarship, and applications are to be accepted from Beaver County residents who graduate from any high school in Beaver County. 

The scholarship is to be a full two-year tuition scholarship with initial and continuing eligibility requirements.  One scholarship will be awarded annually, based on class rank, to one graduate from each high school in Beaver County who was not eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.  Students applying for the scholarship must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and have not met the eligibility requirements for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.  The Board directs the President to develop procedures for implementation of the scholarship program.  The procedures are to require that students apply for financial aid, to delineate the procedures for application and selection and to establish requirements for continuing eligibility.

The President shall report annually to the Board of Trustees on the effectiveness of the program and make recommendations for its continuation.