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4.03.004 - Athletic Scholarships

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Approved: 3/19/2013
Approved By: Board of Trustees

Consistent with its belief of the value of athletic competition, the Board of Trustees will, in adoption of the College’s operating budget, approve an amount to be used for the purposes of awarding athletic scholarships.  These funds may be used to provide either full or partial tuition scholarships for student athletes.  Upon approval of an amount of scholarship money, the monies are to be divided between the various athletic teams through a process reviewed and approved by the President of the College.  NJCAA and Title IX guidelines will be followed in determining the allocation of scholarship funds. 

Procedures for the award of scholarship funds to student athletes are to be developed by the President of the College.  In developing the procedures, it is the desire of the Board to limit awards to tuition and fees only.  Additionally, student athletes must be required to apply for financial aid prior so that need may be determined before athletic scholarships are awarded.  Scholarship recipients must be enrolled on a full-time basis for every semester in which a scholarship is received, and they must satisfy the College’s requirements for satisfactory academic progress along with the NJCAA eligibility requirements to maintain the scholarship.  Student athletes must also be in “good standing” with the institution in order to maintain the scholarship.