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Periodical Articles

Electronic databases enable users to find journal, magazine and newspaper articles, book reviews, chapters in books, essays, images, definitions, and other documents not usually listed in library catalogs. Some databases provide citations and abstracts only; others also provide the full text of documents on all subjects. Records in these databases are fully indexed by author, title, subject headings, etc., and thus these databases provide powerful searchability. To read a description of each of our major databases, please click here.

Although the Library still maintains some active print subscriptions, the products listed below have allowed us to expand our collection of periodicals exponentially, while at the same time providing remote access even at times when the Library is closed.

Please note: To access databases from an off-campus location, please click the OFF-SITE link and enter your 14-digit Library card barcode number as Patron ID. Off-site access to these databases requires Beaver County Library System barcodes that begin with "25555." If the barcode number starts with a different series of digits and you are not allowed access, just replace those first five digits with 25555. If this still does not work, please call the Library's circulation desk at 724-480-3442.

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