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Admission for International Students

As an international student at CCBC, you will discover a new world of possibilities!

How to get started!

CCBC has over 50 approved programs of study for International Students! 

Review the information below to get started.

International Student Admissions Requirements:

  1. Complete CCBC’s international student application

  2. Request that your high school transcripts be sent to the address below. Along with your high school transcripts if you have attended any other type of educational program or institution, we will need a transcript/s from those academic institutions translated into the English language.

For assistance with the translation process please contact the World Education Service or Educational Credential Evaluators.

CCBC’s Admissions Office
1 Campus Drive,
Monaca PA 15061

  1. Make arrangements to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language or International English Language Testing System  if English is not your native language. You must submit TOEFL test scores at a minimum of 61 on the Internet-based or IELTS scores at a minimum of 5. Test scores are good for two years from the time of completion.

  2. Submit a color copy of your current, valid passport (front & back) to

  3. You must be able to have the technology available to have a Skype interview with your international admissions representative. Additionally, placement testing will be made available to you at your location.
  1. Send completed forms required in one packet to CCBC’s International Student office at the address above. If you have questions please contact . Packets that are incomplete will not be considered.

Deadlines for submission of all required documentation:

  • The fall semester starts in August and the deadline is June 15th
  • The spring semester starts in January and the deadline is November 15th. 
  • The summer semester starts in May and the deadline is March 15.

Students must take a minimum of 12 credits during the fall and spring semesters (only one can be online).

International Student Tuition & Fees

An estimated maximum amount of funds needed to attend CCBC for two years is $60,000. The cost of airfare, medical insurance and personal expenses are not included in this total. Also, F-1 visa students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid programs. For each dependent CCBC requires an additional $2000 US dollars.

International student additional required information. 

  1. F-1 Visa Students
  1. Medical insurance – All international students are required to purchase health insurance and must show proof each semester at registration. Heath insurance may be purchased in the student’s home country. Minimum coverage is as follows:
  • $30,000 minimum hospitalization per year
  • $250,000 lifetime payment
  • Identification card or official letter from the insurance company
  • 1 year of coverage (no month to month coverage)

3.      For transfer students: Must supply all forms and a transfer eligibility form, I-94, visa, & I-20AB all forms are required in addition to all items listed above.

For Transfer Students Only

NOTE: All transfer students must have 24 credits and 2.0 GPA to transfer.

  •  After the steps above have been completed, your transcript, test scores, and financial background will be reviewed and a decision will be made on admission.
  • When all necessary documents have been submitted and requirements are met, CCBC will issue an I-20A-B Form 60 to 90 days prior to the semester. The I-20 Student Immigration Form is sent by CCBC to all student immigrants who meet admission requirements. The form indicates: the student’s field of study, length of course, and date to report to the college. The I-20 Form allows you to apply for a student visa called the F-I, which must be kept with your passport.

  • Please note that issuance or an I-20 form does not guarantee admittance to the United States. This form allows you to apply for your student visa from your consulate.

If you need assistance email

Policy on Nondiscrimination
Community College of Beaver County does not discriminate in admission or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, veteran’s status, age, or national origin. Inquiries may be directed to CCBC’s Title IX Coordinator, VP Human Resources, One Campus Drive, Monaca PA, 15061, 724-480-3379 or Section 504 Coordinator, Dean of Student Services & Enrollment, One Campus Drive, Monaca PA, 15061, 724-480-3423.