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SGA Meeting

9/29/2014 - 9/29/2014
SSC,conference room, lower level

Phi Theta Kappa Meeting

9/30/2014 - 9/30/2014
Library, room 215

Warm Up Wednesday - Aviation Sciences Center

10/1/2014 - 10/1/2014
Aviation Sciences Center, lounge

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Industrial Supervisor

60-Hour Certificate Program

Unique, Personalized Training Designed to Prepare Leader’s for the 21st Century Workplace

CCBC’s 60 hour Industrial Supervisor Certificate Program provides new and prospective team leaders and supervisors in manufacturing and energy organizations with a comprehensive overview of quality control, operations and supervisory principles.

This unique program utilizes a personalized approach involving assessments, coaching and training to learn new skills and tools to become a more productive, respected and highly-valued leader within your organization.

Each participant will complete a 360-degree survey before the program that utilizes feedback from direct reports, peers and managers to provide a baseline report on your management effectiveness. The results of this assessment will be used by your instructors to create a personalized plan for improvement that includes two hours of targeted one-on-one coaching.

Another 360-degree survey will be conducted post-program to demonstrate your supervisory skills growth through participation in the program. Our unique program will improve your effectiveness in completing day-to-day job tasks, sharpen your communication skills and provide new strategies to solve operational and staff-related problems.

Contact us at (724) 480-3581 for current schedule, pricing and registration information.

Transitioning from Staff Member to Management

Effective supervision is a key component to the success of any organization. During this course, individuals new to being a supervisor build the skills needed to supervise effectively, help their direct reports perform better and increase the productivity and profitability of their company. Topics include letting go of your former role; understanding personality type and how it affects communication and management style;giving and receivingfeedback;setting goals for yourself and others;how to motivate effectively;and time management.

6 hours total

Class offered at both main campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

Strengths-Based Management

All too often, organizations focus on weaknesses–on remediation of faults and failures–rather than on strengths and talents. Weaknesses must be identified and overcome, but they cannot be the focus for growth. Strengths-based management focuses on discovering each direct report’s strengths, incorporating them into their daily activities, and working around their weaknesses.  This allows each direct report to become fully engaged in their work, achieve personal goals and add to the accomplishments of both the team and organization at levels far beyond current expectations. This course provides supervisors with tools, skills and strategies for helping direct reports identify strengths; creating opportunities to utilize strengths; hiring individuals with the particular strengths needed to meet organizational goals; designing work teams; and developing strengths through coaching and formal performance appraisal.  

6 total hours

Class offered at both main campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

Safety Management

Safety risks in the workplace are decreased when supervisors implement preventative measures and take on the role of safety leader.  Consequently, supervisors must incorporate best safetypractices into their dailymanagement activities. During this course, participants will acquire the knowledge and leadership skills to positively impact the organization’s health and safety program. Topics include identifying safety hazards;addressing safety violations;implementing preventative measures to create a “safety first” culture; job safety analysis;accident investigations;and OSHA inspections.

6 total hours

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

Building a Strong, Effective Team

The great Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort—that’s what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ”Great organizations know that by building high-performing teams they can leverage these skills and experiences of multiple professionals, resulting in more creative solutions than those reached by individuals acting alone. This course will train you on the use of tools and processes necessary for success in all stages of team building, from early development to ongoing assessment.

6 total hours

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

Finance Essentials

Many individuals in financial positions are familiar with budgets, but less familiar with financial statements and their relationship to budgets. Participants in this course will learn key financial and accounting terms andprinciples;use financial statements to analyze an organization’s overall financial performance; identify the factors influencing a company’s cashflow and profitability;and prepare a departmental budget that supports business goals and objectives.

6 total hours

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

Problem Solving

In today’s dynamic business climate, solving problems many of which are highly complex are part of day-to-day operations. The ability for everyone to know how to solve these problems effectively is more critical than ever especially in lean, flat organizations. This course shows you how to apply proven analytical processes to successfully solve a wide variety of business problems. Topics include a review of commonly used problem solving tools including brainstorming, fishbone diagrams, nominal group, cost- benefit analysis, decision trees, and SWOT analysis; how to choose the appropriate tool for the problem; establishing the problem solving “team”; how to define the problem in clear and measurable terms; defining and verifying root causes; choosing and implementing corrective actions; and how to prevent recurrence.

3 total hours

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

HR Management

Most new supervisors are surprised to learn that a basic understanding of HR is critical for job success. The newly updated SHRM Essentials® of HR Management course focuses on the key HR topics you need to know in a condensed, easy-to-understand format. You’ll gain practical skills to handle HR challenges that are relevant to you and can help your company avoid potentially costly lawsuits.

Newly updated with the latest HR developments, this course ensures that key HRconcepts can be applied to real-life situations. The blended learning experience combines print and online tools with the benefits of an instructor-led class. By attending our course, you’ll benefit from the shared experiences of your instructor and peers along with networking opportunities as well as interactive case studies designed to make you feel comfortable dealing with HR issues.

15 hours total

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe

Introduction to Labor Relations

Organized labor has existed continuously in the UnitedStates for over a century. During this course, best practices and current developments in labor relations will be presented. Participants will learn the history of labor-management relations as well as common labor agreement language, contents of key sections and the legal framework for collective bargaining/negotiations. Grievance handling, arbitration, and ways to improve employee relations will also be discussed.

3 total hours

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe 

Quality 101

Quality management is an integral part of the functioning of many businesses, both small and large, around the world. Quality does not simply happen; it has to be planned for at the outset of a new product, projector service. This interactive and thought-provoking course introduces participants to quality basics; how a focus on quality produces business results; management systems (Baldrige and ISO 9001);quality evolution and gurus; methods and concepts (Six Sigma and Lean); and quality tools (team, 7 basic and 7 new).

6 total hours

Class offered at both Main Campus and our Washington County Center in Southpointe