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What You Need to Know

Before registering a high school student for dual enrollment status, guidance counselors should ensure that the following information is submitted to CCBC's Enrollment Services Office:

1. An online admissions application

2. A completed College in High School / Dual Enrollment Registration Form.

3. Faxed copy of high school transcripts to 724-480-3569.


 Placement in Math Courses based on SAT scores  

PRior to May 2016

SAT Score


SAT Score 

 Appropriate Math Course
0-449   0 - 499  Must take placement test to determine placement in appropriate math course.
450-499  500-529  MATH 130 - College Algebra



 MATH 155 - Pre-Calculus, with completion of Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus

 in High School with a grade of "C" or better.

540-549 560-569

 MATH 160 - Calculus I, with completion of Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus

 in HS with a grade of "A" or "B" or Calculus in High School with grade of "C" or better. 

550+  570 + 

 MATH 160 - Calculus I, with completion of Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, or

Calculus in High School with a grade of "C" or better. 


4. Emailed list of student names, course titles, and the funding source

After Registration

Once the College has all the required documents, students are registered for the courses they have selected. A copy of their schedule is mailed to the address on their application. To verify enrollment, a roster is mailed to the guidance counselor.

Deadline Dates

CCBC makes every effort to ensure that your students are registered for the classes they plan to take. However, students should refer to the academic calendar for registration dates.

Course Schedule

The credit course schedule is available under "Course Search" at MyCCBC.

General education courses that dual enrollment high school students have registered for include, but are not limited to: English Composition I and II, Psychology, Sociology, Algebra, History, and Introduction to Information Technology.

Dual enrollment students are not limited to particular course offerings. As long as prerequisite are met and the counselor/school district approves the course, students are permitted to register in a variety of disciplines.