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Casino Dealer Training

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Fall 2014 Course Schedule

Introduction to Gaming 

GAMI007-01   $180
Monday thur Friday
6:00-10:00 p.m.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Table Games (32 Hours)    
This course will cover the basics to a casino atmosphere.  The student will learn chip handling techniques, chip color value, value of a bet and pit procedures as well as the roles of each position in the casino chain of command.  Additional topics covered will be customer service, conflict resolution, time and self management, dealing with difficult people, and more.  This course is a prerequisite for other dealer training courses and CPR training will be provided.

Poker (80 Hours)    
This class includes the fundamentals of dealing Poker with emphasis on accurate and quick mental computations, card handling, rake/antes/blind bets, side bets, brushing, shilling, proposition players, procedures, game rules and regulations, game speed, dealer's responsibilities, game security and guest service.

Blackjack (120 Hours)    
This class focuses on the fundamentals of dealing Blackjack with an emphasis on card totaling, chip handling and cutting, card shuffling and card placement.  Special attention will be given to game and accounting procedures, accuracy and speed.

Roulette (80 Hours)    
You’ll learn the fundamentals of dealing Roulette with an emphasis on accurate and quick mental computations, cheque handling, memorization of wheel and table layouts, procedures and game speed, and accuracy in clearing the table.

Craps (160 Hours)    
This class will cover the fundamentals of dealing Craps with an emphasis on accurate and quick multiplication, cheque handling, the procedures on a variety of bets, and knowledge of odds.   Special attention will be given to accounting procedures, game speed, and guest service.

Baccarat (80 Hours) 
Learn the fundamentals of dealing Baccarat with an emphasis on the knowledge of commissions, percentages, mental computations, procedures, accuracy, and game speed.  The importance of customer service as a significant component of the game will be stressed.

Refresher Course (40 Hours)    
This course is designed for existing dealers and dealers who have been out of the industry for some time who need to brush up on their skills by receiving individualized instruction on a specific technique.  CPR training will be provided.

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