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Energy and Environmental Training

NEW! Process Technology

High demand careers start at CCBC!

New! Starts January 2015

Earn an associate degree in an industry-approved program in two years or less. Be ready for future jobs in the oil and gas industry.

There is a high demand for Process Technicians in the oil & gas industry and other process industries such as polymers, specialty coatings, food/beverage, energy, wastewater treatment, etc.  Process Technicians work in a team that is responsible for operation and maintenance of a manufacturing plant.  Process Technicians are also key members of a team that plans, analyzes, and controls all stages of manufacturing beginning with the acquisition of raw materials, conversions of these materials to useful products, and distribution of products to customers.

The Process Technology Associate in Applied Science program at CCBC is designed to prepare students for high-demand careers as process technicians and to further their education towards a four-year degree in engineering or management.  The program includes nine core courses adapted from the North American Process Technology Alliance ( curriculum and provides a broad base of math, science, computer literacy, team-worker skills, and hands-on mechanical aptitude.  These courses have been adapted from time-tested and proven curricula used by students in Texas to successfully land jobs in the oil & gas industry, and other chemical manufacturing industries.

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Industrial Maintenance Technician (3 programs)

404 Hours: 21 Weeks (3 Programs)

3 CCBC certificates plus OSHA 10 Certificate

Learn what it takes to pursue entry-level employment in the maintenance field or to advance in the renewable energy job field. Topics include: mechanical systems, hydraulics, motor controls, electrical wiring, and more.

Where: CCBC main campus, Community Education Center, room 2305

Cost: Free to those who are eligible

Total Cost: $4,750 Tuition: $4,000, Fees: $750

Contact: Hugh Gallagher,, 724-480-3567

Here is where some of our most recent graduates have found employment.  
We have students working in several location such as: PTC Alliance in Beaver County, Cameron, Keystone Clearwater, US Sugar in Florida with salaries ranging for $14.75 an hour to $51,800 a year. 

Industrial Electrician (part 1 of 3)

105 hours (5 weeks) Cost= $1,200

DC-AC= 30 hours

Motors & Motor Controls= 65 hours

Electrical Wiring= 10 hours

To see if you are eligble for FREE training, contact Hugh Gallagher,, 724-480-3567.

PLC Technician (part 2 of 3)

80 hours (4 weeks) Total Tuition= $950

PLC Part- Requires completion of Industrial Eletrician Program

PLC overview- 20 hours

BooLean Logic- 20 hours

BooLean Algebra- 20 hours

PLC Control Circuits- 20 hours

To see if you are eligble for FREE training, contact Hugh Gallagher,, 724-480-3567.


Industrial Mechanic (part 3 of 3)

219 hours (11 weeks)

Total Tuition= $2,600

Blue Print Reading= 20 hours

Mathematics for Manufacturing= 8 hours

OSHA (General Industry)= 10 hours

Personal Protective Equipment= 4 hours

Mechanical Systems 1= 70 hours

Pneumatics 1- 31 hours

Hydraulics 1= 76 hours

To see if you are eligble for FREE training, contact Hugh Gallagher,, 724-480-3567.

CDL with Oil & Gas Emphasis

Program Description:   The program includes classroom instruction and behind-the wheel training.  Oil and gas topics covered include:  Safeland USA training and certification; Natural Gas 101, Fall Protection, Pressure & Forces, Spill Prevention, and CPR/First Aid.  Students will receive hands-on, over-the-road training with a focus on cargo securement and pre-trip/post-trip inspections.  Training is conducted on 10-speed transmission tractors and 48-foot dry van trailers as well as a 45-foot flatbed trailer.  Students earn HazMat, Tanker, Airbrake, and doubles and triples endorsements.   Students are tested by PA state driver license examiners and upon successfully obtaining a license, are able to drive a Class A vehicle over-the-road.

Hours:  234 Hours

Number of weeks:  5 & 9 week programs available


Welder's Helper with Oil & Gas Emphasis

Program Description:   This program includes classroom instruction and hands-on training in basic welding techniques and will prepare workers for entry level welding positions in the oil and gas industry as well as manufacturing.   Instruction includes:  80 Hours - basics to being a skilled welder; 16 Hours - downhill welding; 18 Hours - Employability Training;  52 Hours - Oil & Gas training.  Other topics include: Natural Gas 101, Defensive Driving, and Spill/Fall Prevention.  Successful class completion will result in certificates in: Rough Terrain / Forklift Operator; Aerial Lift Boom Operator; USA Safeland; and CPR/First Aid.


Hours:  166 Hours

Number of weeks:  8-10 weeks (depending on hours per day)