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Cross Registration Information

CCBC students may enroll for one course per semester at an approved institution through the cross-registration process.  Cross registration is available only to for approved cross registration course which is not offered at CCBC.  Students will be charged tuition by CCBC for the total credits for which they are enrolled.  Written permission must be granted by the Director of Enrollment Services at CCBC for cross registration; students can apply for permission through Admissions and Registration at CCBC. 
Steps for Cross Registration:
  1. Meet with an academic counselor to determine course needed.
  2. Complete the Cross Registration Form and return it to Admissions and Registration.
  3. Pick up your Cross Registration approval Letter and Form from Admissions and Registration.
  4. Drop your authorization letter off at the Student Records Office of the institution at which you will be taking the course.
  5. Pay tuition for your cross registered and other courses to the Cashier at CCBC.
After completion of the course, the institution at which you took the course will provide verification to CCBC that course requirements were met and the grade received.  CCBC will then record the appropriate grade information for inclusion on your CCBC transcript.  You will not be a student of the institution where you take the cross registration course and as a result will not receive a grade report or transcript from that institution.